Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by redrat, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. From what iv heard the TA dont run sniper or even marksmen courses anymore ?? Are there any ways a TA soldier can get onto one of these courses with out transfering to the regs??? Thanks yaalll
  2. The Reg course is 5 weeks long, with a pretty big fail rate; you could ask your PSI to put in a bid if you can get the time... dont ask, dont get...
  3. In a word no

    FAS finally ditched the sniper role from the TA Infantry. As such there is no requirement to train TA soldiers in sniping, unless it is done on the black economy as a jolly.
  4. As has been previously stated, there is currently no need for T.A snipers, there is a possability of bidding for a place on the regular course but you'll be quite a way down the pecking order.

    Having said that, it is my understanding that the regular army is experiancing a shortage of snipers for operations in the sandpits, so who knows, maybe the powers that be will re-establish T.A "sharp-shooters".
  5. Shouldn't that read "there is currently no establishment for TA snipers"?
  6. Oops, my bad :oops: lol
  7. I wasn't meaning to be funny. It's an important distinction as I'm sure you'll agree!
  8. I do, particulary as a mate of mine is desperate to do this course.
  9. Am I correct in thinking that there is a TA Sharp-shooter course?

    Not so much sniping, but just being trained on how to use the Sniper rifle well... Or some such!

    T C
  10. The TA Sharpshooter course a friend went on (many moons ago) he described as a sniper course lite (He went on to complete the regular sniper course afterwards).

    The TA Sharpshooter course was pulled a couple of years ago IIRC. It was contstantly under subscribed.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Why on earth did they stop the T.A. Sniper courses?

    It's not as if the kit or ammunition is too expensive, and as far as I know, they were still required to pass at the annual concentration (with the regs) to get their badge!

    So, bearing that in mind, for the TA, it is a very low cost exercise to train these guys in comparison to some of the other trades, such as anti-tank, radio or driver.

    Also, considering that there is a reg shortage, and there are a lot of TA guys going out on engagements, a few TA snipers wouldn't go amiss (unless their map reading was shoit, but then they wouldn't get a badge anyway!?!?).
  12. Would there be any scope for units to conduct this training in house? Could a unit 'borrow' the kit needed and do it on their own budget? Instructors may be an issue though.

    T C
  13. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Of course, if you ask some of those who passed the TA sharpshooters course, they describe themsleves as snipers...
  14. I thought 4 Para had developed a sniping role. No?

    Just thought I remembered reading that recently.
  15. is it possible as a TA soldier to do the 5/6 week sniper course in the regulars? u no, jst get transfered to the regulars for the required time of the sniper course?