Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. I believe both the regular and TA CoC don't want us, they want IRs or TA officers. Are we just going to allow this?


    I apologize for not posting this without the reasons, this was due to England actually looking ok at rugby yesterday........
  2. "Allow"? And the choice is?

    All depends on one's usefulness. In my unit it's the other way round. I even volunteered for Afghanistan as a JNCO and was not required! Now, they would e more interested.. but now it's not such a great time for me. But that's another story and another thread...
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps you would like to substantiate your 'beliefs'...

  4. or provide threads to prove I'm wrong, or should I provide the threads to prove I'm right
  5. Are you pissed?
  6. who?
  7. You. Normally you make sense, but not this evening
  8. yes closing down
  9. Loads of vacancies on FTRS and Mob for SNCO's. Requirements seem to change from month to month, they do, they dont, they do, they might, they might not.......... This month they want infantry types, next month medics another time something else and the infantry types and medics are out on their ears.

    Crisis management I think its called or it might just be ineptitude.

  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You could also call it advertising posts that need to be filled, which means that they will change once they get filled and new shortfalls arise.

    It is not all a big conspiracy, and good TA SNCOs are vital to the operation of the TA. They just might not be treated well in some units, but I would avoid tarring all units with the same brush.
  11. The TA has changed with the regular element of the army wanting the TA to generate a number of better 'trained' reserves. Its been mentioned plenty of times that this helps create a mobilisation culture. So once training is complete, many newly trained soldiers then mobilise (and leave).

    The TA CoC (I may be wrong here may have been regular) has also used recent years to increase the standards of its officers with their initial training and continuation training (or so it appears to be).

    Then take the SNCO's nothing has really changed, suppose you could say CLM but that tends to be existing courses renamed. You could take the view that SNCO (& Cpls) courses were fine but other courses were fine and had to go through the b*gger*tion of this one army concept.

    ...but then the truth comes out. SNCO's are inadequately trained and to convert them to officers requires them to undertake officer recruit training (maybe not now but I see the writing on the wall - its been mentioned in a couple of recent threads).

    also why haven't SNCO's had the b*gger*tion of this one army concept?? I wouldn't be suprised someone somewhere asked what do we need from TA SNCO's?
    A. Someone to drive recruits/TAPO's to their training, count blankets, train recruits and run stores. We don't really want to mobilise them, many won't want to anyway, we can always let a select few through.
  12. several sncos from my regt were mobilised on various telecs including a bsm, several also in bosnia plus various other ops
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    We do not have a single SNCO in my company that has not deployed - several of them twice - to Iraq an various TELICs and Afghanistan on Herrick 4 with 3 Para.

    Most of them have deployed in multiple commander/pl Sgt or relevant roles. As had been said before, the use of SNCOs is very dependant on units. Some do, some don't. If yours doesn't, and you want to mobilise - put your transfer papers in.
  14. .......

  15. Yep!!!

    The CSgt is doing that job again, for another regular unit, in the same place.

    I think the possible reluctance to use WO/SNCO may be due to the fear factor.

    As we all know the WO/SNCO is seen to be both God incarnate and the font of all knowledge, so there could be a fear that to use a TA version will show up gaps in either operational knowledge, experiance or general ability.

    (Dont get me wrong, I dont adear to that line of possible thought, and have been present when regulars both OR's and officers have found out/realised that people who they thought were regulars like themselfs for the past x months let them know the truth.)

    It is a shame, and I hope that eventually reason will overcome fear and the WO/SNCO pool will be greater used for thier role (CSM/Plt Sgt etc) and not extra watchkeepers and general extra bods.