TA SMQC course RAMC - any info. / advice please

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fesdufun, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I am booked onto this course in October. Just wondered if anyone has any information on what the course consists of etc. I would like to get prepared prior to the course and joining instructions aren't sent out until 6 weeks before the course. I am not having much joy via by PSI and thought that someone on here may have just been. Thanks in advance for any replies. :help:
  2. Normal stuff, there is a PFT a log run and some other physical stuff so work on your fitness.

    The field ex was fine, although I did mine some years ago now, you might want to brush up on your map reading dont be tempted to try using a new straight out of the box GPS like some chap from 144 did on mine.

    Just go over your military skills and make sure they are OK. Do some work on presentations, practice your drill and orders of command.

    Nothing to worry about, just get any nagging doubts you have about weak areas squared away.

  3. I did the course a few years back and can offer the following:

    Firstly, no brainer really, get fit. PFT on the first Saturday and the exercise involves a lot of cutting about.

    Secondly, learn the pre-learning pack they send out. Having a working knowledge of that makes the course a lot easier. Furthermore, you have a test on that and general military topics on the first Saturday.

    If you do the above you should enjoy the course. You will have to prepare a lecture at some point and you will be doing a fair amount of drill!



    Edit - With regards to fitness you need to be able to at least attempt the PFT. A couple on my course were misinformed and thought it was an attendance course. They pulled out their biff-chits before the PFT and were canned.
  4. Thanks for that - Drill practice and fitness it is then. Cheers.
  5. Hi, I have been trying to build up the fitness. Hope it will be enough, A bit worried about the joining instructions re. being able to carry up to 30kg at 4 mph over rough terrain. Working my way though the Pre-learning booklet but there is a lot in there. Any last minute pearls of wisdom gratefully received. Thanks
  6. i found the course a major waste of time, v&s to the back molars, fld phase, the least said the better, pt was hard and myself and the pti seemed to clash on many subjects. i would agree, its not a "tip up" course, i passed it, but didnt think much of it
  7. When did you do it? I am now dreading it! Ah well it's only two weeks so in may be a case of head down and get on with it.