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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chandysbud, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. I know there have been lots of threads of students joining the TA etc, but this is another one. I hope not to cover the same ground as previous messages.

    I'm going to have a look round a TA Sigs unit soon, with some friends from uni, who are all interested in joining.

    Would being students be problematic for completing TAFS (or whatever it is now) etc, as we can only really do it in the holidays?

    One of my friends is looking to apply to regular army, with a hope of joining in 2008/09, so would it be a waste of time for him to apply to TA?

    The same regiment covers the area where I go to uni, and my home town (although different squadrons) so would it be possible to transfer to my home squadron during the summer?

    Is it possible to be "mobilised" to a regular army unit in the UK or Germany rather than going on operations?

    Finally, are there courses I could go on in holidays, as opposed to getting a summer job?

    Thanks for any replies and sorry for the long message! :D
  2. TAFS run at weekends

    No it wouldn't be a waste, look at it as sampling the army

    Yes thats no problem for pay

    as a student you are not liable for mobilisation (unless you want to take a gap year). Other type of full time employment is possible (in the UK or Germany)

    Yeah I used to do several camps/courses a year
  3. Where do you live?
  4. How Do
    Firstly, good on yah for signing up. Ok I started the whole fun and games of the TA when I was at uni, it gave me the opportunity to have a part time job that was more interesting than stacking shelves at ASDA and it gave me some valuable life experience on an otherwise empty CV.
    Ok your questions.
    As for being a student most of the weekends are on, well, weekends so unless you study then as well you should be fine. I know my unit were also OK with me missing the occasional weekend if I had an exam or deadline the next day. The only problem will be the two-week course, which you’ll have to try and time in around your longer breaks like summer or Easter.
    As for joining the regs, a lot of people join the TA to decide if they like it, if they can’t hack the TA chances are they wont like the regs but it’s a good starting block. The only real problem I’ve heard of is people picking up bad habits in the TA and tacking it to the regs with them, but they will have a good starting base.
    As for swapping between units, this tends to be down to the unit, theoretically it’s no problem but some units can have a bit of a moan about it because it creates them extra paperwork if you do.
    You can also put in for home commitment FTRS, which would just be the UK, or Germany I think. However, I also think these are a bit longer in duration than you probably want I think it’s a ‘S’ type which is a short term mobilisation over the summer to a UK unit. Not to sure about that one to tell the truth.
    Finally once you’ve passed your recruit training there is usually quite a few courses you can get on, I used to be able to crack a couple off over my summer breaks, or at least my unit would usually find me some work to do.
    Anyway all the best with venturing into the TA.
  5. Good for you.

    In order to become a trained soldier you will need to complete:

    1. TAFS - run at weekends - no probs
    2. 2-week recruit course - you will need to do this outside term time but there are several cycles every year so not a problem
    3. GAPs - run at weekends

    TA is a good basis for the Regular Army - means your mate will be ahead of the game when he reports to the ATR.

    Your sqn may allow you to be attached to another sqn for the summer if there is real hardship involved in travelling to your own sqn. Note that this is not the same thing as "transferring" since that means a permanent change of unit.

    There are opportunities for mobilisation within UK/Germany - it's called FTRS (Full-Time Reserve Service). You may find that once you get in the swing of things, you would prefer to go on operations in Bosnia, Iraq or Afghanistan since these involve proper soldiering rather than training. Two other observations on this point:
    1. As a TA soldier, you are liable to call-out and could well find yourself in a warzone. Do not be deceived by the old-fashioned "Dad's Army" image - it's one army nowadays and thousands of TA have served in Iraq.
    2. Given that you are looking into RSigs, your unit may be a "UK Ops" Regt which means generally call-out only for attacks on the UK mainland. Mobilisation may therefore not be an issue for the time being.

    It is possible you could find opportunities for work over the summer. If your admin staff are any good they may find something for you. However as a recruit this will be more difficult. As a trained soldier you may be able to join other units' annual camps, but these opportunities may only last for 2 weeks each, so it may be hard to fill up your summer.

    Finally, consider your choice of unit carefully. Go and look round three or four local units before deciding. It is the most important decision you will make in your army career and it is one you make when you have the least amount of knowledge. And believe me, there are issues with some RSigs units (I should know! :D ).

    As a student you should also consider the OTC if that floats your boat.

    If you have any particular questions on the unit you wish to join or other things you'd rather not air on a public forum, then pm me.

  6. Gone or about to. All our recruits are on the new system
  7. PM me mate i am in the recruiting staff so if there is anything you need to know just ask
  8. SC06 was aimed mainly at students to bring them right from TAFS2 through to their first trade, it's planned again for 07 & other Bdes MIGHT take up the idea, which would solve your problems.
  9. ^Its going nationwide next year