TA Sigs Tp Comd Course

Got my Troopies next month and just got the joining instructions through. It mentions a training book covering phases 1-3 which needs to be handed in at the start of the course. Never heard of it or seens it, can anyone shed any light on what it covers?

Also can anyone tell me what is covered on the course (and Radio Techniques) as the joining instructions dont have any outline?

No one else in the Unit has been through it so any help appreciated, just want to make sure ready as can be.
If it's anything like when I went through the Tp Comd's record book covers three stages.

Part 1 in training to be conducted in Unit prior to the course (all v simple stuff like go on exercise).

Part 2 is a record of what you did on Tp Comd's course.

Part 3 is training conducted back in your Unit.

For each part you write a commentary on what you've done, your OC rates how you did and then you have a chance to comment on the OC's comments. I'd been commissioned 10 years and served in 4 Regiments, 1 Regular, when I did mine and my OC refused to sign off some stuff I'd done (commanding tanks in Germany and BATUS, typical Subby duties and all that george) as she'd not personally witnessed it!

Depending on how much you've done the Tp Comd's course is very useful or a complete pain in the hoop but a chance to get lashed up for 10 days. A highlights were Ex CROWDED HOUR (?) where a bunch of Sprog Siggies from Blandford role play scenarios which you might encounter - you will watch the victims by remote camera (the episode whn a female subby gets touched up by one of said Siggies was hilarious as he was to embarrassed to do it properly - remember that Ros if you're reading this!) We also had a TEWT on a farm with the world's biggest hill - after being taken up it several times a folorn voice was heard to say "I thought this was the TA Tp Comd's Course, not fceking selection".

You'll almost certainly do H&SAW risk assessment training and suffer death by powerpoint. Comms in the Div was particularly dull as the little symbols on the map for each asset were way too small to be seen by the audience, and I then suffered it again on the radio techniques course.

Radio techniques was fantastic (if that kind of thing floats your boat). Lots of hands on, although A&P and path profile analysis were a little dry. There should be a howling mad Booty who instructs on this. I also recall an extremely hectic CPX but can't remember if that was on Tp Comd's course on Radio Techniques.

Just remember to take a shed load of cash as you will not get a mess number; some passport phots as Blandford get v arrsey if you don't; and watch out for the Regular Tp Comd's course. When I went through there were some very foxy fillies, but the blokes were either geeks or thugs-on one night they smashed up the mess and drank the night tray dry and then blamed the TA course who were billed. Still I was very very drunk...

Also don't miss the chance to get into the Uniform shop. I rigged myself out in Service Dress and Service dress hat for under £100 which was a bonus as I'd been given my Blues and Mess Kit!
Thanks for that, confirms what I thought, not been down Blandford for 10+ yrs since before a career break so have got a couple of mess kit items to swap so useful to know will get the chance when I'm down there. Sounds like not much has changed, would have been usful if they had sent me on the courses the first time round :lol:
CaptainPlume said:
Lots of hands on, although A&P and path profile analysis were a little dry.
Eh? I suspected the officers course did other subjects that the supervisors did, would it annoy you to find out your Class 1 operators don't get taught to this level?

You'll probably also visit the DCSA building, found that very fascinating.
I'll see you there Mac as I'm on Troopies too. I was similarly bemussed by the Troop Comd's notebook item on the JI's. My Adjt is now searching high and low for one as apparently all Regs are automatically given one and surprise, surprise, somebody forgot about the TA!! I've seen a copy of someone's who was on the course 2 years ago and it seems quite simply stuff, provided your OC will be flexible enough to sign you off for most of it. I'm hoping my OC will be understanding because if you're unlucky like me, my Regt hasn't been on a comms ex since I commissioned so can only sign off the watchkeeping I did as an OCdt!
I spoke to my PSAO who contacted someone at Blandford I think and they are sending me one. Should be able to put a few ticks in boxes for this year as have been fairly busy, The comment from Blandford was not to worry about it too much, as always thats easy for them to say. No one wants to be the only one turning up on the course without it!!! Are you doing the Radio Techniques after that? See you down there :D
No, unfortunately I can't get the time off work for both weeks due to starting a new job next week. Are you doing techniques too then?

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