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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Look on ArmyNet or DII/RLI.

    Thanks to a certain ARRSE member its all there, look at the TDT pages on the SOinC website
  2. More clues needed please :?
  3. OK so it says:

    But it also says it was last reviewed 12th May 08 and doesn't contain anything but a logo. Am I missing something here?

    :? :?
  4. Get on DII, navigate to the SOinC website. I think the links on on far left menu. Select TDT and its somewhere in there.

    If your really bored try doing some cross referencing between reg CS Op and BSS FTS (/RSTO) and the TA class 1 Operator one.........

    If your really really bored, try finding something in the TA ICS Op class 3 thats in the regular one.

    or remind next Tuesday, I'll email the address to your DII account (I presume you have one?).
  5. Polar, in your initial post you mentioned it on Armynet but it doesnt seem to work can you confirm this is only on the RLI.

  6. DII/RLI is now the best source for trade information. You can still find a lot of information on ArmyNet, again aim for the SOinC pages but its ArmyNet sharepoint services (find it on normal ArmyNet, set up your password and then follow the url) that holds the most information after DII. The info on both ArmyNets is unclass/protect so some information may have been removed from the docs (if you don't know what protect is - get on the ArmyNet sharepoint site).

    I know I keep mentioning ArmyNet sharepoint but a lot of effort is being put into that part of ArmyNet, yes its not simple to get onto but its the real answer to ARRSE and not the normal site (I'd say they were complementary).
  7. I found it on Armynet, just go RSIGNALS, SOinC(A) pages, PDs, TA PD101. It's unclas so away you go.
  8. Yup, second the point about WSS - Sharepoint being the correct way to go about web based ways of working. It's just about us making it as useable as Arrse now and getting folk to move over to it.
  9. What do you mean us???? Next you'll be saying its run by arrse users :D
  10. Maybe not the best place to put this.......

    The operator trade in 2 (NC) Sig Bde is changing its title yet again, its going to become CS Op from ICS Op/RS Op/Tele Op etc.

    Its being brought inline with the regular trade, so expect modular training (which means subjects will be taught in blocks not dispersed among the 9 days e.g. X amount of days doing ECDL, so if you fail that module only you only need to attend that on a subsequent course - well if logic prevails). The first CS Op course will be delivered by a northern English TA regt - not sure of dates yet, summer? The biggest change is this trade will deliver soldiers to augment regular units on Ops not TA units on UK Ops
  11. WOW, finally
  12. Yeah but the regulars get this training delivered via BOWMAN and we won't (although I've heard a strong rumour we are getting BOWMAN radio litht fit - very soon).
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Good luck - on all three counts :)

  14. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... yeah yeah
  15. true, there should be one squadron equiped soon and there will be a national trg ctr for Bowman light up and running within weeks too.