TA sigs going on tour with 14 SR

basically i have the oppertunity to go on herrick getting deployed with 14 SR, and i was wondering, as a cs op, what would i be doing? no one at my location really has a clue, and as their role is the EW side of things, would i be expected to learn that or just be working in a comms centre? cheers for any helpful replies
Is this with them as a Campaign Signal Regt (in which case I'll see you there) or with them in a specialist-role deployment?
no idea, basically one tuesday evening we were told put your name down if your interested in herrick beginning of 2012, and that was it. So i'm scrounging for info after putting my name down, because i'm sensible like that, so any info what so ever is good, opsec permitting, like locations (e.g. bastion). The reason i got my name down so soon was the short amount of time we had to reply, and the competition to get on herrick at the moment for us

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