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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Alright seems that TA RSigs are not welcome on the TA forum, quite a high proportion of threads are being culled by an ex member of the corps.

    I've not tried to moan about the latest ones (being cut) but when a couple of site members respond politely to threads and then find their posts are obliterated for no apparent reason (other than a very senior TA officer moaned on the thread). When did TA seniors become expected to tow the officer line like some stupid puppy, its only a casual job ... not even part time.

    When did the rule that only TA Sigs Officers can post on ARRSE come into force???
  2. I would not of minded but the last thread to be culled was within the rules.
  3. Have a word with the Mods about it. Apparent excessive moderation is a hot topic at the moment. And I suppose if you get no joy in the TA forum, bring it on here, at the end of the day we are all wearing the same cap badge and beret, all be it yours probably looking like a Chinook landing pad.
  4. My thoughts exactly, same cap badge, etc. Just TA seem a little shy on posting this one.

  5. Well if the same (very) few people who believe that they have been slighted by the system just gave up whinging on about their percieved hurt and the individuals they believe caused the hurt, and their same old mates who have probably never met them but obviously believe there is only one side of the story, stopped supporting them with the same old responses - the threads might last a little longer.

    The thread you are refering to was rightly pulled, what was suggested could have landed the site owners and the individual posters in court.

    Would you stand up and say these things (time and time again) on a box down on your local high street, if no don't post it on a public forum.
  6. Odd to have that knowledge from so far back, that thread was on this Sigs forum not the TA one. I do know who asked for that thread to be pulled and as far as I'm aware he isn't a moderater.

    Yes their are two sides to a disagreement but the dice is firmly loaded in one direction, maybe not in the regulars but in the TA it is.
  7. It actually surprises me that some threads are allowed to go on as long as they do before getting pulled, especially ones that blantently identify an individual or appointment. That is where th problem lies and I actually agree with the MODs in pulling threads that do that. This is meant to be a rumour site not one to abuse someone.

    I also find it interesting that many of the individuals who are slighted on here do not take further action against the various orignators, after all by now most of the actual identities of individuals are well known. For example I have never met two of the most active posters but I know without any doubt exactly who they are. If I can work it out I am sure some of those senior officers referred to who have had sites posted have perhaps done you a favour - in pulling it the evidence to take further action goes and the credibity of teh forumn is maintained. Having asked for one post to be pulled the MOD asked me exactly why I thought it should be it wasn't just because I wanted it pulled. I was asked loads of questions and ultimately my request was refused!

    The MODs have a fine line to follow to protect the Forumns, themselves, posters and the identities of third parties. In my view they do it very well and I have no doubt that they have protected/saved some individuals on here from AGAI67 or defimation of character law suits.
  8. ... one can sit and watch.
  9. The only reasonable thing to do would be to transfer to a decent corps!
  10. Or just kick your spleen out of your bell end?

    You've never received 'action stations' have you?
  11. No doubt that they have and do a fine job but as msr stated in the More disappearing threads

    Yet he can post obviously he's nothing to do with that unit.

    Wench3000, yeah whatever.
  12. Polar - have you ever thought of getting a life?

    Arrse is a forum to allow people from all walks of life to enter into banter and exchange of views - sometimes even informative and useful. However, like the military, someone has to ultimately take responsibility for the content and tempo and we are lucky to have the moderators who are willing to apply 'balance' and common sense at all hours of the day and night.

    Whinging about some marginal thread being erased when you can't possibly have all of the facts or seem unwilling to see it within the bigger picture does your credibility no favours.

    I'd drop it if I were you.
  13. Good point. Guess I've whinged enough online.

  14. I PMd the Greyman about some of his 'observations'. Poor old sole, the corps has been unkind to him as he has had to hang his boots up, probably at the worst time in his military life. I can understand his gripes and PMd him to advise him to find another way to aire his views. I do take note of the Mods difficulties and will heed their advice on my own comments.
    In looking at some of the civvy sites, I am amazed they get away with so much.

    p.s. who said Bliar was a cnut, please please please, cnut's are useful.
  15. Ignore my last line, different forum.