TA Sigs FAS announcement Oct/Nov 05

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know/heard any details on this?

    From rumours I heard recently the Ptarmigan (11 Sig Bde/12 Sig Grp) won't be changing but 2 (NC) Sig Bde will.
    Rumours include a Sig Sqn at Coventry being axed or a regt with Sqn redistributed among other regts.
  2. All the CO's are keeping it close to their chests, but there are some changes afoot. AS AR for the detail, I would guess that there are no cuts, but Regtl identity may change for some 2 (NC) Sig Bde units. I have not been briefed myself.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    That's not what I heard....

  4. and the TA RSTO are gonna be reviewed this April. About time too, some of the RSTOs refer to kit that went out of service several years ago.
  5. Anything to do with IS Eng, from what I recently heard this will not be a seperate trade but a qualification - most likely a 1 week course @ IS Wing, RSS, DCCIS.

    Wouldn't be hard (or expensive) to bring in DS1 Apps (AP3 or GP3) into TA Ptarmigan units they could be run on networked PC's and they are based on on commercial DB's (Access/Oracle). Add a few COTS routers etc, probably quite cheap to set up a troop and as for training most units will have required experience already within their units (using their civilian skills).

    I reckon my unit could get both (GP3/AP3) up and running on existing kit within a few days.
  6. I have no idea what 2 Sig Brigade is goin to end up doing. We are losing NC(a)RS(e) in 2006, which is well over due, as for what we will end up getting to replace that capability i have no idea. I'm not even certain if they will keep all the units together as a brigade...
    Anyone out there have any ideas?

  7. I heard that a 2 (NC) Sig Bde Yeomanry Regt is re cap badging to Veterinary Corps (something to do with the horses) and the Bde HQ is moving to Bulford!
  8. Is the item above the only change? Is it a new troop or 81 Sig Sqn downsizing?

    Maybe the changes will be to support augmentee role
  9. Plus the regular number 10 Sigs Regt I presume.

    So how many regiments can you have in one Brigade before it gets too big?
  10. The Air Support Signal Troop is going to be made by downsizing 43Sig Sqn in Bath who are part of 21 Sigs and already under the command of JHC
  11. who gives a toss, its all about cutting regular soldiers posts, and paying as little as possible for low quality wannabees, who like playing at being soldiers. :twisted: :twisted:
  12. bit harsh, striker. You sound like a bitter man
  13. 2 (NC) Bde has very few regular slots compared to 11 Sig Bde, so it wouldn't dent the RD roster that much, but I guess the 2 new regular (Ptarmigan & SF) regiments need extra guys :twisted: :twisted: Probably annoy the YofS a bit, they prefer 2 Sig Bde to the other one.

    If changes happen I'm hoping I'm safe this time, spent the last 12 years changing trade, regt, Bde & corps every 3 or so years - just about sick of it now.
  14. Striker, You are obviously somebody who has little or no knowledge about R SIGNALS TA, You'll probably wannabee a civvy soon, possibly sooner rather than later if the Corps is lucky! Get brassed off with comments like that!
  15. I've heard that 39 regt is due to go with the sqns being moved into other regts, any truth in this?