TA Sigs courses

Bone question here.

My mate is a reg. he's an RSI in the Inf.

Im in a TA non Inf, non Sigs corps.

If I wanted to get my RSI, what courses in what order do I need to do? Does it make any dif that my unit has Bowman?

My mate did Regular Radio user, Regt Signals Junior and then Regt Sigs Instructor. Are they the same courses for TA?

Might pop this in Sigs forum too.


Squiggles x
Squiggles said:
My mate did Regular Radio user, Regt Signals Junior and then Regt Sigs Instructor. Are they the same courses for TA?
Might be easier if you posted your corps.

Regular Radio User or TARU - Is a 4 day (2 weekends) course that teaches you advanced Voice Procedure, it contains little instruction on the radios. This maybe a infantry only qualification.

Your mate should have also done a Regimental Signallers course, this used to be called Regimental Signaller class 2. This is around 8 days long (4 weekends) and mainly teaches you how to use radio, antennas, masts, batteries, charging equipment. Your corps should have an equivalent. This qualifies you to be a Pte on Sigs Det.

Regt Sigs Junior is a 2 week course which builds on the class 2 skills, mine taught us the orders process and how to lay line. Most corps will have an equivalent. This aims to give you the skills to be a LCpl within a Sigs Det.

Regt Sigs Instructor does not exist, he probably did Regimental Signals Detachment Commander or Regimental Signals Senior (I did my RSDC in 1991 although the course photo states the RSI qualification). Again your corps should have an equivalent. This course teaches you how to run a det, including layout/defence/admin, running stores, signals instruction. This used to mandatory for promotion to Cpl, although in may now be a Sgt qual (and the previous course mandatory for promotion to Cpl)

The last course is Regimental Signals Warrant Officer, again another 2 weeks course which all corps will have, its a slightly watered down version of the Yeoman of Signals course.

Lastly a word of warning, if you go down this route you may have to move units to get promoted, i.e. In the infantry the infantry coys only have slots for Sigs Cpls, so to get your 3rd tape I would need to move to Sigs Pln @ HQ Coy location. I believe some other corps will have a Sgts in the Sqns Sigs Dets.

If you like Sigs, you should also consider transfering to Royal Signals. They have the trade of Yeoman of Signals (SSgt->WO2), these are frquently commissioned as Traffic Officer (Capt->Major).

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