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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. just a quick general question for a presentation am doing....
    How many Sigs regts are there? split Reg & TA,I know the TA got humped but I cant remember how many are left.

    Cheers in advance, slagging included
  2. Too few to be meaningful
  3. I'd love to put that on however I don't think ITG would be too happy.
  4. As of 31 Mar 2010 in the TA it will be 5 x TA Regts, 2 x Ind Sqns, 1 x Specialist Sqn and 2 x Specialist Groups (and 1 x Regt'l Group on Op TOSCA)
  5. and 3xBOWMAN dets
  6. 3? :?
    When did we get the new one? :)
  7. Not quite.

    The 2 x Ind Sqns are actually embedded in the orbat of Regular regts (if you are referring to 63 and 43).

    If you were talking about 1 and 2 Sqns, they are no longer independent but part of 38 Sig Regt.

    There is also: CVHQ R SIGNALS and a TA R SIGNALS element within JSSO.

    And the TOSCA group disband post-POTL. :(
  8. Don't forget 81
  9. Isn't that witchcraft's "1 x Specialist Sqn"?
  10. Re the two "indpendent" sqns - I meant 63 and 43 and of course they are part of regular units.
  11. Here are the ones that are going/gone.

    31 Sig Regt(V)
    56 Sqn Eastbourne becomes part of 39 Sig Regt (V)
    56 Sqn Brighton becomes part of 39 Sig Regt(V)
    5 Sqn Banbury, 41 Sqns at Coulsdon & Kingston to 38 Sig Regt(V).
    5 Sqn Abingdon closes. RHQ & 83 Sqn go to 71 (Y) Sig Regt.

    33 Sig Regt (V)
    RHQ, Sp Sqn, 42 Sqn & 55 Sqn to 32 Sig Regt(V) 59 & 80 Sqn close.

    34 Sig Regt(V)
    49 Sqn Leeds to 38 Sig Regt (V). 49 Sqn Hull closes.
    50 Sqn Darlington & 90 Sqn to 32 Sig Regt(V)
    50 Sqn Newcastle closes.

    35 Sig Regt(V)
    48 Sqn to 37 Sig Regt(V). 89 Sqn to 38 Sig Regt(V)
    RHQ, 58 & 95 Sqn close.

    36 Sig Regt(V) 45 Sqn Colchester to 37 Sig Regt(V). 45 Sqn at Ipswich & Southend close. 60 Sqn Aylesbury to 39 Sig Regt(V).
    60 Sqn Bedford closes.

    40 Sig Regt(V)
    RHQ, Sp Sq & 69 Sqn to 32 Sig Regt(V). 85 Sqn closes.
  12. when you say they are part of Reg units, Do you mean they provide manning to that Unit or are they actually a deployable sqn?
  13. Providing manning to, IIRC. 63 Sqn is SF communicators and 43 is air sp under 22 Regt (I think).
  14. So what have been the best units to transfer to from the Signals? Any good/bad experiences coming through?

    We've had some Siggies come to us, the drill has been pretty good.