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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Rumours going round that the TA Signals Regt Staffys course has been replaced by a TA Signals Sgts course

    Does anyone know when this may come into effect ?
  2. The ta sgt CLM starts mid 2008, although Cpls can be loaded onto the ta staff sergeants course in March
  3. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Polar69 - shouldn't you be doing your homework before school rather than posting on ARRSE? ;)

    Date for TA course to be a Sgt's course will not be finalised until the CLM)V) details are known. Obviously it's not possible to incorporate CLM(V) into a course until CLM(V) is published. However mid-2008 is the aspiration.

    As V-T says, Cpls are encouraged to book on the staffies' courses now so that:

    a) We have a decent number on the course (which would be nice...and simply isn't happening at the moment). Small numbers mean that certain parts of the course simply don't work properly.
    b) We don't have a tidal wave of Cpls in 2008/09 (yes I know that's very optimistic of me but I have my optimistic head on today!)
  4. Scaryspice,
    Can I take it that this is course will be a prerequisit (sp?) for promotion to Sgt? If so what about all those Sgts who haven't been on their Stafffies course will they have a deadline to do this course by? Or will it be upon promotion to Sgt like our regular bretheren?
  5. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Forniup - the details of this including the whole "grandfather rights" thing are still to be decided.

    I suspect what we will get is:

    The course will be compulsory for promotion to Sgt.
    After a certain date, Sgts who have not done the course will not be able to progress any further.

    Don't quote me as this is not by any means definite.
  6. I need to get on it next year, preferably whilst it is still a SSgt's course. That way I will only be about 5 years older than most of my fellow students. Once it gets to be a Cpl to Sgt course I'll be so over the hill when compared to the rest of the course they may as well just load me onto the stretcher from the outset :D
  7. Will it also be a meaningless attendance only course?

    Until failing a candidate is an option, thats all these courses will ever be.

  8. ScareySpice

    Can you confirm that they will be running this course for Downgraded personel?

    Thanks Watto
  9. TB, when I didi this course (q few years ago) 4 failed and 1 was RTU'd on day 2!
  10. Fair enough.

    Its just that on my Cpl's course one complete O2 thief managed to complete, and therefore pass, the course. I only hope their COC has the sense to avoid promoting them. It devalues the course when pers who should clearly fail cannot be failed by the DS.

    Edited to add... If you think said O2 thiefs odds of promotion are small, also dwell on the fact that their COC loaded them onto the course in the first place! Its not encouraging!

  11. Have to agree that when I did my Staffies last year, there was at least one guy that couldn't keep up with the fitness, failed the orders segment and also several other parts of the course. He still PASSED!.
    Made me question why I bothered trying on the exercise when we knew no-one was going to fail.
  12. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Watto - not yet decided what will happen for LMC personnel. As a TA Corps we can't even get enough people onto the standard SSgts' course - do we really think we'll get enough for an LMC course?

    There will have to be an LMC option of some sort though, yes.
  13. Did my detties a couple of years back and there were people who failed it and rightly so. Not sure where this 'attendance only' thing is coming from?
  14. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Same place as "I wouldn't bother to go on Class 1 courses, they're all rubbish and Blandford always cancel them anyway", which is still resulting in less than full numbers on the current Operator Class 1 course. May have been true once, but not any more.
  15. Maybe we got told they passed in order to save their embarassment then?

    Or maybe every course has different standards. I hope its the former.