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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PHIL82, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in doing some sigs courses, but am not really sure what's on offer TA wise. The last course I did was in 98 with the regulars, but since then bowman has come in, so I am guessing given the time and new gear I should start at the bottom again.

    The most obvious answer to this question is "ask your PSI". However, he's an extremely busy (and volatile) man, so wondered if somebody might be able to give me some gen before I go pestering him for courses. At least then I'll know exactly which course I would like, and he'll just haver to put a bid in.

    I currently in a corps, but my trade allows me to be dual traded, hence could feasibly do class 3,2,1 sigs courses, maybe starting with regular radio users to get back into it. (at least that's how it works regular-wise)

    Can anybody tell me if this is the same in the TA? Any other info like length and content of courses would be great to if poss. Also, are TA sigs courses run centrally? i.e. Blandford?
  2. Which corps are you in ?
  3. Class 3/Regimental Signaller courses tend to be run by regiments/Bns, in 2 Sig Bde they are run by a regiment but for the entire Bde.

    Class 1's tend to be central Grantham for RLC, Warminster for Inf and Blandford for RSigs.

    BOWMAN should now be in steady state training and delivered as part of class 3 training
  4. Can't speak for other capbadges, but inf RS courses are are run by the support weapons school in Warminster (when they run them, of course). Only Bn sigs courses are CSC(INF).
  5. You should also have TARU or RRU (whatever it is called now), just for general users of radio's - topics being VP and Section and Platoon radios.
  6. Yup - CSC is this week's name for the same.
  7. cheers for the responses, much appreciated. Usmarox, do you know what CSC stands for please? has anyone got any ideas of length of courses? RRU might be a couple of weekends, but class 3 a week, maybe 2?
  8. CSC stands for either Common Signals Cadre or Combat Signallers Cadre, depending on who you ask. It's two weekends. To use my Royal Signals Class 3 course as an example, it was 9 days (plus Basic Signals Skills as a pre-req, which was another weekend).
  9. Thanks v-much for the info. really appreciated mate :thumright:
  10. Sorry to bump an old thread but...

    ... are the CSC syllabus and training objectives determined by R Sigs or are there many variations in use, being run at unit level ? I am working on a cunning plan for AAC (V) but have no intention of re-inventing the wheel.