TA serving with Regulars - Looking for help to trace career

If I'm posting this on the wrong forum, I apologise.

I'm trying to sort out the army career of a relative, and it's all a bit confusing.

He served in Palestine in 45/46, in the Royal Signals. I believe he was a CQMS, in the TA.

This is where it gets confusing. I have the records from the London paper about his promotions after the war to Lt and eventually Major in the late 1950s/60s, all in the TA.

His family claim he was at El Alamein as a ranking officer, with a staff car.

Is it conceivable that a ranking officer in the regulars could be a lesser rank in the TA?

Would somebody who had been at El Alamein actually be back in Palestine with the TA?

The name, in case anybody can help, is Robert Cyril Steel, 322382.

My Dad was badly wounded in the desert, and was only a private, and I really believe this other branch of the family is bullshitting.

Any thoughts or help would be gratefully received.
If its the same section that deals with confirming claims of prior service they are seriously under-manned right now so don't expect a quick answer.
Bored and stagging on tonight so a bit of Google for you - Check the London Gazette. Search against his Regt No and you'll find that he was Commissioned from CQMS (Foreman of Signals) to Lt (TMO) (whatever TMO) is on 25th Mar 1944. You can see his other history there too. London Gazette Home Page
For the OP - note that his commissioning date is 1944, not "after the war", so he was not a CQMS in 1945/6

His rank before commissioning was CQMS (F of S) which is a Technician trade appointment and his 1953 Gazette entry has him as a Lt (ToT) which is a late entry officer technical appointment as well. I think it's extremely unlikely that anyone who was a officer at El Alamein (late 1942) would have been a FofS in early 1944.

Do the family have his medals? Do they include an Africa Star? Are there any photos?
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