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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Delta07, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I left the regular army in 1990 after serving 7 years in the RHA and RA, Im 41 now and Ive just noticed that the TA have raised the joining age to 43 for certain jobs, anyway I fancy joining, but the thing is I want to do P company again, I failed it when I was 17 due to injuries and ive always wanted to complete it. Ive remained very fit and can still do a BFT in sub 9 mins, Im a lot stronger now than when I was 17 and I reckon a lot wiser although some might say not. I feel its something I have to do.

    Has anyone heard of anyone passing P company at my age, I know that someone passed the commando course at 55 which was impressive.


    D 07
  2. my postman (who wears his maroon beret whilst on his rounds) told me he passed P-company at 39 back in the 1980's, but failed AACC twice stating that you need alot more mental 'toughness' to complete AACC than p-company, as he said he didnt "have time to sh#t on p-company! so not as much gradual mental strain and wear"
  3. some people must go for it at your age or the TA wouldnt raise the age would they?.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Yes. I know of an individual who passed TA P Coy in his late forties.
  5. Obviously Delta (and I hate to be a bore here) your going to really need to increase core strength and keep your muscles / joints supple as you won't be doing the same regular high demanding phys as you would at an airborne unit. As you had a crack at it a few ( ? ) years back you no what to expect so start training safely with weight an don't jump in the deep end to start off with. All the best for P Coy mate, hopw you pass and get to wear the badge
  6. In TA P coy, i think there is one or 2 tests that they miss out? i might be wrong but the time are abit slower aswell
  7. I remember reading a thread that described the differences between regular and TA P Coy training programmes, a search should pull it up.
    Failing that, try and track down The_Duke in the TA forum, he is the subject matter expert on all things 4 Para, drop him a PM and I'm sure he will advise you.
  8. Fellas,

    Thanks, Im definately going to give it another crack.


    D 07
  9. Best of luck, mate. :D