Hello All

I know someone out there will be able to answer this?

In regards to the TA medals,

how many years do you have to have in to get it?

does it work of annual camps ie completed bounty years?

Does previous service in regs count towards it?

Tried to ask my AO but she doesnt know dosent want to know or can not be arsed to find out.

In simplicity i did 10 years regs left 97, joined ta 98 left 2002 for new civy job came back 2004 actually taken on strengh 2005 (thats another long story) 8) . I have 6 years bounty qualified years in total and 10 years regs, yea im an old git but do i qualify or have i got more years to wait.

Thanks in anticipation of your help. IF you know the answer do you know ewhich manual its in so i can prove it. :cry:

Look around the site - it has been done to death and the search function shall enlighten you!
From army.net

Long and efficient service is recognised by the award of medals. The current medal for the TA is the Volunteer Reserves Service Medal (VRSM). This is awarded to all ranks of all the Reserve Forces after 10 years qualifying service - ie 10 full training years, 9 of which need to be classed as "Efficient" years - ones where training bounty is received. Previous Regular Forces qualifying service can count towards the initial qualifying period - up to 5 years at half rate (ie a maximum of 2.5 years) although previous service which was counted towards Regular Long Service and Good Conduct medals will not count. Subsequent Clasps to the VRSM are awarded at 5 year intervals.


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