TA Senior Bn Posts

What senior posts in a TA Bn or Regt are open to TA personnel?

I've heard of TA COs for example, but not TA RSMs?

If its a case that TA people can't occupy these posts, what do people think of that?
Our RSM is always TA. But then we have a regular ASM !!

We have previously had a TA CO (W@NKER).

As far as I am aware all the positions within a TA Bn/Regt can be held by TA personnel. (if one with the required knowledge and experience can be found)
We currently have a TA Col and a TA Trg Maj on FTRS. Col good, Trg Maj bad, some (but not all) of it is not down to being TA or Reg but if the person can do the job, one of ours can the other can't! In my experience I would expect a Reg may be better able to create and put things together simply through knowledge and contacts which may not happen for the TA simply based on the amount of time served and various courses etc attended where they can make the contacts and connections. The Reg Adj has been working his nuts off though!

RSM wise who knows, their ways are a black and mysterious art to many of us (especially in a multi cap badge Bn and they do not wear the same badge as you (or anyone else for that matter))!
I was Adjt of a TA Bn when the current (Reg) CO's tour was coming to an end. The form was for the out-going CO to advise the Honorary Colonel whether there was a suitable TA officer (who had the skill and time) to take command. In this case there wasn't and another regular was appointed. In reality this was good manners/prtocol/courtesy and the Honorary Colonel wasn't ever going to disagree with the Regiment's decisions.
We always had a TA RSM and a regualr ASM. Also nearly always a regualr CO, Adjt, and Trg Maj. occasioanl TA Colonel.

i think it ois good to have a mix at that level - diferent experiences, especially useful to have regulars if whole regiment was to be mobilised!

I'm all for senior TA posts, however in my case (as in my above post) the CO had been at the same batallion for about 20 years. When was made CO it suddenly became `Payback time`. There were several of the SNCOs and officers who parted company with the batallion due to him.

My point - if they want a TA CO, don't have him commanding the same batallion where he grew up (or didn't in this case!)
Going against the masses here, but...

Regular CO/RSM/TM/Adj work full time (or the regular approximation of it). This means that they generally do more good than bad.

Every time I've served under a TA CO the unit has suffered - less resources and less imagination.

I'm not saying that TA seniors lack the talent, but they do lack the clout, connections and above all time that a regular has.
My Bn used to alternate between Regular and TA CO's. The two who made the best fist of it were men who had been regular and left having been junior majors. They commanded TA Coys where they made all their mistakes and then went on to be superb COs.
I served under 4 Regular CO's, one was brilliant, one sort of kept things running along and two were disasters who lost us lots of hard worked for men.

I also served under two TA CO's with no regular service. Least said the better.
Sack_them_all said:
We currently have a TA Col and a TA Trg Maj on FTRS. Col good, Trg Maj bad, ))!
Ah yes, your TM. The man that booked your annual camp to start on the 60th anniversary of D Day. Obviously nobody would want to get over to the beaches.
OK, the man is a total a**se and could not run a tap.

We are still waiting to be told (for a dep date of 5th June!) if we are off to the other side of the Atlantic or if we go to Norfolk instead :evil: , probabaly a cunning plan to get everyone to go to Norfolk by thinking the transport is of to Brieze (durch).

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