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TA Selection Weekend


Can anyone who has done the TA selection weekend at Wyvern Barracks in Exeter recently tell me what to expect, what the programme for the day is, any other HELPFUL info? :D

Thanks in advance of replies!

arby said:
Its a big secret, for some reason no-one will tell you, just turn up and perform below your best because you don't know whats expected of you.
Oh so standard MoD logic then? :roll:

Thanks for the links Arby (had to laugh at the "chuck the token bird into the river" part!) :D
Kes, as stated, bring everything on the kitlist you should have recieved from your Unit. The wiki links from Arby's post go through the standard package, you can expect something along those lines, although it might not be in that sequence. Make sure your PT kit is serviceable, there are a number of Physical selection Standard tests to perform, don't panic, although they are called tests, they are not (yet) pass or fail, turn up with the right mindset, be patient where you need to be, if your unsure - ask, give everything your best shot, and you should be fine.
Your going to be overwhelmed with PTI's this weekend as the SMI is running a PSSR course to teach PTI's to instruct on the specialist selection equipment (instruments of torture! - only joking).
Any questions before or after the weekend send me a pm.
All the best.

Edited to add: Bring CHOCOLATE biscuits!
Biscuits are always a winner. DS should awards points for choice & selection of biscuits brought by recruit, they should also be used as an indicator of recruits potential, i.e. If he brings tesco's own digestives bin him on the spot.
Food's pretty good, despite the contract caterers. But we do like biscuits. Coax, if there's any left I'll drop them in to the office on Monday, pink wafers are your favourite aren't they?!
I hurt!

And thank you to everyone for your help and advice!

The staff were great grumpypickle (the PTIs are all sadists though!! :D )

Oh, forgot the biscuits...and for anyone else going soon - TAKE BISCUITS!

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