TA selection weekend what to expect ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by joshd612, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. hi all

    im new to this forum so dont know if there is a smiliar post, but as the title says i have my selection this weekend (24th-26th June 11) and im extremily nervoues lol

    i dont really know what to excpet

    my 1.5 is between 10mins and 13mins

    pressups in 1:20 (just cant seem to carry on :/) 25
    situps in 2mins 40

    can anyone let me know if this is okay to pass an what else to expect on the day
    oh my slection will take place at strensall and im going for REME

  2. you'll breeze it mate. Time to pass the run on selection is 14 minutes and as long as you can lift your head off the ground thats enough sit ups.

    You should also do a medical. Going on your run time your not a lard arse so you should be ok on the height/weight scale.

    Which REME are you going for? Is it part of 150 Tpt regt.
  3. cheers pal feel more confident now lol

    ermm its 146 field company mate
  4. Dude, check through the threads a lot more, your 1.5 limit is dependant on your age, that 14 minute is slightly missleading
    Where's mrs to say 'ask your PSI'

    You'll also get heaves (chin ups) height and weight checked to work out your BMI strength resistance test static lift and an ice breaker so have loads of bullshit ready to yak on about
  5. In that case our paths probably won't cross. Best of luck all the same.
  6. To answer the thread title:

    "Dead people to be able to pass it."
  7. So am guessing it's really easy to pass then ??

    What bout team tasks and confidence tests
  8. I assure you - There is nothing you need to prepare for other than passing the basic fitness tests.
  9. Well I feel alot better bout passing now

    Sorry to bother you again but will a run time between 10-13 be a pass
  10. Read here: TA Recruiting Process - ARRSEpedia

    1.5 mile time is not age dependent on selection, you get 14 minutes (though obviously the faster the better). The only other thing you can fail on is the medical. Assuming you are under 30 by the time you have passed out of basic training you should be aiming for a minimum of 1.5 in under 10:30, 44 press-ups and 50 sit-ups.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    You'd better be worried if your wife is asking about your PSI ;)
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm not sure how the rest of the TA do it, but at my mob (we do our own in house selection weekends and training, we don't like to mix with the usual bell ends that make up 99% of the rest of the TA) you turn up on Friday, get fucked about a bit and have to do loads of paper work and sit through a few briefings and talks, you will be split into smaller groups of between 8 and 10 called syndicates, you may have to stand up and talk for 2 or 3 minutes about yourself to the rest of your syndicate. Saturday will be a combination of the physical tests described above and a few more general interest talks i.e. 'this is a rifle, you can't touch it yet but get used to the sight of it' sort of thing, you might get to do the assault course if there is an adequately trained PTI there, likewise you might do a few command tasks/shark infested custard type scenarios. On Saturday evening there will be a piss up, your syndicate will have to perform a 'skit' i.e. a short sketch or show taking the piss out of yourselves and your instructors, the best skit will be rewarded with some free booze, the prettiest girl in your group will probably end up getting tag teamed by the PTI and one of his mates from the base. On Sunday you will get up early and do a pretty lairy PT session, you won't be assessed on this, it's just to see who can't hold their booze from the night before. After this you'll get showered and changed and carry out a final interview with an officer, you may be attested at this point. Then you'll go to the pub with the rest of the course and any remaining DS who are trying to sniff the females in the group.

    Top tips:

    Have some decent jokes on hand, you will be picked on at some point to tell one.
    Don't get so minged on Saturday that you can't get up on Sunday.
    Likewise don't make a **** of yourself in the bar, but don't be that weird loner in the corner.
    If you have previous military experience don't gob off about it, use this experience to help the others in your syndicate.
    Remember the DS will be monitoring everything you do.

    Other than that it's a piece of piss really, failure rates are very low, you have to be a proper fat **** to fail the physical tests.
  13. wise word indeed.
  14. Cheers for all advice guys sounds like a piece of piss tbh

    Will let you know how I do

  15. Ravers' unit obviously has a different selection weekend. Did mine with 4 Div down at Pribright recently and it was easier than that.

    Friday night you get some lectures from the RSM and OC, nothing major and if they've got a busy course, you may be asked to do your BARB. And honestly, a monkey could pass that.

    Friday night expect a midnight-ish finish. BRING EAR PLUGS! Otherwise some fat biff will ruin your night's sleep with his snoring.

    Generally you'll get woken up with a bit of f**king around and shouting between 5 and 6 am, then marched off to the cookhouse for some Michelin-starred delights.

    Your morning will then start with an icebreaker. You get the topics in advance so think through the answers in your head. Don't swear. Don't mumble. Don't be an arrogant cock. Show you give a f**k. That's it.

    Then your sections will do a mix of 1) BARB, 2) skill at arms lesson (some mong nonsense about the finer points of a grenade that they'll quiz you on at the end of the day) and 3) PT. The PT is straightforward. None of it is pass/fail - just to assess where your are. The back extension instructions aren't always clear, so when they put you in the harness - lean back rather than push your midrift into the machine. I know this makes no sense now. It will when you get there.

    Then it's off for the run. At 10, 13 you'll breeze it. It's actually quite funny to see people wheeze across the line in 13,5 mins when they've been banging on about marathon training during the icrebreaker.

    A ten course tasting menu with matching wines then awaits you in the cookhouse.

    The afternoon's team tasks are quite fun. People's personalities come on show. Keep calm, state your ideas in a cool and confident way. If they're taken on board good, if not, then don't whinge and just get stuck in. Most sections don't complete them anyway so it's more about how you behave in the team. You always get one mini-Napoleon cnut, so don't be him. If you're not comfortable leading, then just be a "do-er" and that's fine. Show consideration for others in the team - especially if they're not as strong as the rest.

    After that, it's the skill at arms exam (honestly, if you can remember your name and DOB, you can mange this) and a debrief.

    It's less than 24 hours, it's not hard. Just keep your head down and put in the effort and you'll be more than fine.

    Chat amongst your section when at lunch or whatever, a friendly face is always welcome at RTC.