TA Selection Weekend - What tests etc

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by london999, May 3, 2007.

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  1. HI,
    I am going on a TA selection weekend, and not sure what to expect. Please could you tell me what tests there are goin to be both pysical and mental. And anything else i need to know??

    Many Thanks
  2. London999 - you should maintain a sense of humour at all times and give your everything in every test. Effort is as valuable as achievement.
  3. got mine on the 12th of may!!

    They just said give it your best effort, somwhere between couch potatoe and where you should be after your training!!

    Bit of class room work and a bit of pt..
  4. Make sure you have decent guys in charge of you, that dodgy_engr nobber never bought a round, made the young filly get them in instead!
  5. Hmm???? Should i check my bank statements for that weekend??? Hmmm???
  6. i also have mine on the 12th.. so depending where your going fella i may see you!
  7. i think its at Ilford
  8. Im sure they'l show you that Friday's balance managed to stay the same for a few days....In any case i don't remeber any beers coming my way, and for that, you owe me a case.
  9. Hey chaps , Iv got mine on the 12th too, my units taking me on the 11th to get down there they have not told me where it is but im coming from Durham if anyone has any ideas. Test wise , just what you should already be training for which is the mile n a half run in under 14mins. 50 sit ups in 2-4 mins,and 44 press ups in 2mins. Along with that i belive command orders, and some sort of lifting ( jerry cans perhaps ???????? ).. I find them easy but need to work on press ups more.

    Im looking forward to this. Shame we can only get 35 days pay in the TA , but you do get paid for the selection weekend if you pass, 2 and a half days pay.
  10. Check your PM's redrat
  11. I second this, and would go further. While everyone was happy with the recruits on my course who passed the PT tests, they were happiest with those that had improved the most since their first showing (not me on either count...).

    Also, while I had what I thought was a p*ss-poor showing on the indoor obstacle course, I got a lot of praise for continuing to throw myself at it long after I lost the will to live or the ability to stand.

    At one point I thought I was going to lose control of my bowels I was so beat, but I don't think they saw that.

    Good luck.

  12. sparky do you know the score mate??
  13. Mate you'd be suprised what they pick up on without you realising. Your not the first bunch of recruits they've had. Throwing yourself at obstacles to the point of losing control of bodily functions, despite being completely knackered, is just the sort of attitude they're looking for.

    Good efort!