TA Selection weekend at Grantham

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by minxyrox, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. Hiya,

    Ive just been told that Im going on a selection weekend at Grantham, Ive done OTC before and loved it so Im not completely new to it all. Just wondered what the score is these days as things seem to change all the time (whats new huh?).

    I see there was a similar post back in 2006 but just wondered if anyone knew about more recent times.

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  2. You're joining the RLC? What did you study at university, David Beckham studies?
  3. What dates have you got? Have you recieved your Joining Instructions yet?
    I have selection 6-8 March 10.
  4. I wont be on that one. Im away that weekend. I havent got any dates yet. The admin lady at the unit said she'd email me some dates so it will probably be in April no doubt.

    and for the record....Im not going for RLC, Im going for AMS as a student nurse (I qualify in a year). This is actually my 2nd degree so far from David Beckham studies.

    RockyThrower, what you going for? RLC?
  5. I'm going on that RSW 6/7th March. Royal Yeomanry unit.
  6. Do you have to do recruit selection after you've been in the UOTC?
  7. Heading up for Officer Assessment on the Friday and selection Sat and Sun (RLC)
    Been a long time coming! Looking forward to it.
  8. officer assesment? I'm going for officer in the RY didnt know anything about an assesment, but then I have seen my sponsor a while ago and have my AOSB briefing date 15/16th March.
  9. It's a half day preliminary on the Friday. Fitness and group work, nothing too heavy.
  10. oh right, did ur unit organise and give u the details for that? My unit have given me any joining instructions for the weekend yet.
  11. Yes mate. Had JIs through a while ago. Has all been quite well organised so far!
    Chase them up. I would have thought that you should have had them through by now.
  12. Well my unit asked if Id done a selection before I went in to otc and I said yes but it was all done internally, so it was just our OTC. They just asked me if I minded going through it all again etc and I said I didnt really mind. At least then I know that Ive got in properly and not just by fluke of being an OC 3 years ago.

    Im not even going for officer yet as I cant go in as an officer (nursing) until ive done 2 years post reg so ill be 3 years before i can go to sandhurst. Im just going to enjoy the squadie route for the time being and just enjoy being back in greens and not really having to have any real responsibility yet.

    fingers crossed, awaiting selection dates atm.

    Fingers crossed boys going for selection soon :D You'll have to let us know how you get on and whats involved.