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hey all,
I don't know if im in the right place for this, but i have a question relating to joining the TA (specifically the TA Medical Service)

Are the medical standards for joining any different than that of the Regular Armed Forces? I ask this because I was rejected from armed forces selection on health grounds (i wont say which service or on what health grounds in case by some mad one in a billion coincidence that someone i know might be reading) but was told by a few friends that the level of medical fitness is "lower" than that of the regular army.

How true is this, if at all?
bardo said:
but was told by a few friends that the level of medical fitness is "lower" than that of the regular army.
It certainly was (and is) true, I know of a number who are colour blind or have other minor problems. That was when TA generally served in rear areas, so it may have changed now (as they'd fail RTMC and so not goto Iraq).
woody said:
Just ask all they can do is turn you down
yes that was my experience, i went ahead and tried even though i was turned down, i learned a lot on that selection weekend.
in the end they offered me an ACF posting instead and i actually enjoy it.
so its not the end of the world if you don't pass. at least you tried and that is good, unlike many able bodied lads in civvie street who couldn't be bothered to even go through the Army careers office door.
im not a journo! I realise that outsiders posting here can seem sorta suspicious, but for im not journo! One of your fellow board users already PM'd me about the situation and i told him the full story leading up to why I want to join TAMS and what i think will hold me back, if anyone else wants the full story then feel free to PM me for full details.

Just to reemphasise, I am not a journo!
Why would it be lower?

We do exactly the same job as full-timers just not so often!

The only thing that is different is the CFT, and I've heard a rumour that even that is being brought in line.

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