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a friend and i are joining the TA, myself in the engineers and my friend is joining the medical regiment, just have a couple of questions about the fitness requirements during selection for both medical and engineers as i do not know if they differ?

- How many sit ups do you have to perform in 2 minutes and are the assisted or not ie held feet or ankles by another recruit.

- How many press ups in 2 minutes?

- What time is required when completing the 1.5 mile run?

If you have any information i would be extremely thankful.

Kindest regards

You have to do as many reps as you can in 2 minutes and run as fast as you can


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You have to do as many reps as you can in 2 minutes and run as fast as you can
This is not true. The only Physical Selection Standards (Recruits) or PSS(R) that resembles the PFT is the mile and half run. The 9 Physical tests at any TA recruit selection are the same as regular selection, which are:

1. Height
2. Weight
3. Body Mass Index
4. Static lift
5. Dynamic lift
6. Heaves (under arm)
7. Back extension
8. Jerry can carry (150 metres at a steady pace)
9. Risk Reduction Run (half mile squadded jog and one and half mile best effort)

The tests 1 through to 3 are done during your medical, tests 4 through to 9 are completed during your selection.

The only one pass or fail event is the run. As you're both going for Support Arms, you'll be looking to get under 14 mins on your mile and half, though aim for faster.

Matthewc2, these two pages might be of help:

TA Recruit Selection - ARRSEpedia

Command Tasks - ARRSEpedia

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