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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by IDon'tBllodyKnow, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. First time posting here so bear with me,

    I recently left the regular army (Phase 1 training) due to a mix of family commitments and a high chance of getting MD'd. Long story short I've just signed up to the TA and speaking to the RSM he told me I may not have to do selection seeing as I've only recently left the regular army. Anyone know anything about this?
    I'm not bothered either way whether I have to nip up to Glencorse but if anyone can shed some light it'd be much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot
  2. If you where likely to be MD'd from the Regulars you're likely to be MD'd from the TA.
  3. I wasn't MD'd, my platoon commander told me there was a high chance (long story short snapped ankle on exercise, didn't realise it was broke for about a month) So I decided to leave before being MD'd specifically so I could join the TA instead
  4. You mention that you've just signed on to the TA. Selection is done prior to signing on, so not sure what you mean.
  5. Sorry don't mean to confuse, I've just been at the local Battalion HQ and I've sent my application off (all done online now, and it's a right ballache) and the RSM there told me I may not have to attend the TA selection as I've recently left the regs. I just wanted to know if anyone could back that up, or tell me straight, just after some detailed info really.
  6. "May not" have to.

    Not "will not" have to.
  7. I'm guessing what you're saying is I will have to, like I said not bothered either way, was just curious
  8. Still got to have a medical? Had a discharge medical? Same details for both?
  9. Did you actually finish basic and pass off the square ?
  10. I was 5 weeks shy of passing off, so 'fraid not
  11. Depending when you broke your ankle and the severity of the injury you may find there is a delay in your application.
  12. Fair enough, like I said I left before they got the chance to MD me, so hopefully all's good
  13. You really don't get it.
  14. Clearly I don't, wanna clear things up?
  15. No, ask your AFCO.