TA Selection 10/11th Spetember

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by EwanL, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. So, got selection as per above (10/11th September) pretty excited yet slightly nervous at the same time, run time isn't a issue for me, just worried about the maximum strength tests as i'm a weeee little lad.

    Also just got my kit list through, but has no mention of casual clothing?

    And I'm going to the Wyvern RTC if anyone else is also going at the same time?


    P.s. please no arrsey comments, I know some of you have a reputation to live up to but a rest once in a while cant do you any harm :)
  2. That's one way to open the floodgates...

    I, personally, have no idea what the tests are or the state of casual clothing. All I can suggest is for you to: kick the arrse out of all the fitness, group and individual tests you do and you'll get marks for Applying Yourself. And take a couple of suits, they can double up as casual by rolling your sleeves up and taking your tie off.
  3. Seems like it worked though! kinda surprised by that...

    And yeah thats what i was thinking of doing, that way i can make the best of both worlds if i have to, and as for applying myself im just gonna smash it till i pass out i think haha, what ever happens, happens ey.

  4. As said above - just do your absolute personal best. When I did this last year with 143 Brigade RTC it was quite evident that despite the various activities, command tasks, "Ice breaker" talk, gym tests etc. pretty much the only pass/fail criteria was the run time.

    I suppose the other results give your recruiters and later on your unit something to look at to consider how you might be most usefully employed.
  5. Run time seems to be the make or break and if you got no probs there should crack it. Possitive mental attitude and drive is what they want to see. I would practice your sit ups, press ups and pull ups as much as poss though. Are you going infantry, as your run time will be less. As for clothing, you dont get much down time, smart jeans trainers or sports kit for evenings just to get out of uniform and one smart set just in case you get to go out.

    Whatever happens good luck and enjoy
  6. No, hopefully im going into MI, hopefully! Love the looks i get when i tell people that, especially from the infantry. Priceless.

  7. I passed selection in June run time and team tasks were the two biggies, everything else is best effort. Be polite willing and always try to adress the DS by rank or if not sure staff. Smart jeans and t shirt for down time in the evening, I just went for shirt and tie for my interview.
  8. Ok, well i got 10 days till i go now and lcuky me, my blister is now infected, not badly, but not beautifully, guessing if i dont get it sorted im gonna get a deferal or is there a chance that they will be nice and just let me off with it? got some shizzle for it but not sure if it will do a great deal in the short amount of time...


  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Unless you are going for a commission, you could turn up dressed as Coco the clown and they would not turn you away. Don't worry about it.
  10. Hopefully I might be going on a weekend around that time, but no idea where or when as of yet (as my paperwork is still being past from pillar to post) but apparently when I was last down to our TA centre (they told me not to come back till all my paperwork had been handed in) I was told by the RSM to just "Give it 110% and you'll be fine" and was also told that "its very rare for people to fail"

    I have no kit list through yet, so, I'm a bit lost on what to prepare, but was told to "take a tenner for the bar"

    Do they distribute training centres, or do all TA go to Wyvren?
  11. Wouldnt worry about the Kit list, it will be sent to you in due time, and to be honest, its pretty darn vague, just have to use your brain i suppose.

    As for the Training centres, they are distributed across the country in what are called RTC's, regional traning centres, and so youll probably end up down the road somewhere. as for when you'll go to selection i had to wait 40 odd days to get my spot, although it will probably differ from area to area, but i will give you more info on it when i have done it.

    And for the foot, thanks for the advice, ill just take it easy for a bit.

  12. Cheers matey,

    He, (the RSM that is) did say to me "we'll give you everything you need" so, I'm taking the presumption that will be a sleeping bag and roll mat, or something along those lines

    I didn't realise it was regional, as that too, wasn't mentioned, just that there was a selection weekend on the 11th which, if all well and good should be going on, which should be a good laugh/hard work in equal measure
  13. Haha fair enough, and well im not to sure, i will have to dig out my list soon, come a bit to quick for my liking but ah well, such is life.

    ahh well you do now. What Reg are you going for and what area are you to? Im in the South West, hence why im being sent to Wyvern.

  14. REME North East
  15. EwanL - Just a few random bits of advice (Im passing out on the same weekend that your starting - 10th/11th/12th) And yes at Wyvern barracks! To be honest mate your flapping about nothing! Training is a piece of piss!
    CLOTHING - Turn up in your issue greens, boots polished and nice noticable creases on your uniform. If you have the no how then shape your beret! I found there is nothing worse than turning up and seeing the "S.U.T's" that your going to be training with, with sh*t rig and a beret worn like a french onion trader. You will have Cpl Jones and he likes to pick up on everything.
    As for Civvy rig - Just bring a pair of trainers, jeans and a t-shirt/shirt, (and a couple of quid for the bar after 8.30)
    KIT - Bring everything that you have been issued on every single weekend (even if you have been told you wont need it) Also bring a small travel pillow because when your staying in the barracks the matresses are like tracing paper.
    FITNESS - Believe me mate if you can pass the RSD then you can smash the weekends! They are so easy that I would hapily go back and do it all again just for laughs. (Im joining the Rifles)
    The hardest thing you will do on TSC1 is the endurance run on the sunday proberly about 4/5 miles (altho they will tell you it will be about 2 miles at a gentle jog) LIARS!!!!! It you dont finish it or you come in the slow group then no worries because its not a pass or fail thing.
    By the end of training you will fear PTI C-SJT Hardy - He will beast you! It may be hard at the time but it will only make you a better person at the end of it. :)
    Threw out the whole training process you dont do that much training that involves much heavy lifting either!

    Anything else mate just let me know and il hapily let you know the score as I have just done it all recently.

    Good luck fella, enjoy the training and dont worry about it. :)