TA Sapper Training

Have you asked your PSI?

Seriously Mario isn't there someone at your unit you could ask ? Posting a question here is all very well but unless someone from your unit reads it the chances of getting a straight answer are limited.
Cast your net closer to home, if you are lookng at a B3 course then you must have passed your recruit training so you must know someone
msr said:
Have you asked your PSI?

Probably not. He probably hasn't looked at the employment scales that are on every noticeboard either.
PSI was a bit vague about it before xmas leave,i do no that it is ran down in Minley and consists of a number of modules ran over a few weekends.
I just kindda hoped someone who had been on one recently could give me a bit of a heads up.
Stating the bleedin obviuos here, have you posted on the RE board?
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