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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Mariolario, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Am thinking of joining a TA Engr unit,wont have to do basic trg as i am ex inf . Can anyone tell me what combat Engineer trg consists of,ie how many weekends and what sort of things do you cover .Do you do B3 first and then B2 as a L/CPL,CPL???
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Unless you have an Asslt Pioneers qual you would have to take B3 cbt eng at some point regardless of rank! Least thats what they told me, even my B1 reg asslt pnr only crossed over to B3 cbt eng. They wouldnt give me a higher as it was an eod unit. They didnt want cbt engrs by trade but all have to have some or at least thats the excuse they gave me!
  3. Yes i realize i,llhave to do my B3 , Am just wondering what it will consist of, how many weekends and whatdo you get taught????
  4. Try the TA forum.
  5. Basic field engineering 1 & 2
    Basic water supply - sedimentation and clarification
    Basic watermanship - Non powered craft
    Basic demolitions - charge theory, identification of explosives and ancils and placement.
    Equipment bridging - Medium and heavy overbridges.
    Roads - Class 30 and 70 trackway.

    These modules each take a weekend, so 7 weekends spread over the year depending on how often they are run.

    RETA also run a yearly courses camp at Weymouth to bring you up to speed on quals.

    Give me a shout if you want any more info.
  6. Much appreciated Axeman , Thans for that.
  7. It is a bit of a drama in the TA although a bit more relaxed than that of the regular bretheren.

    The modules are divided into the different tradestreams, Combat, MT, Plant, C3S (or signals to all else), Amphibious and EOD., plus any I neglected.

    You need to do BFE 1 and 2 which may have a different name, can tell you after I've taught it next month. This is handtools, powertools, moving things and knots and lashings. There are other bits but hey ho. In essence the billy basics with the requisite dose of health and safety.

    This means you can train with the grown ups and go on to do your trade training as it is termed. Points make prizes and a weekend makes 20 points. Most modules are 40 points. So Mines is two weekends worth, pass it, not too demanding to be fair and you have got the module and 40 points. HGOB MGOB is one weekend as it is a 20 pts module.

    This is where it gets tricky, all of your points are counted towards your military engineer score or ME (V). This affects your pay and eligibilty for promotion. To be a lance corporal you need 280 points IIRC to be a class 2, 500 to be a class 1 ME(V) which is what you need for corporal.

    Now it gets a bit more complicated - you have a trade and in that trade you have a class as well, but it is only taken from that tradestream.

    I am apparently a class 1 ME(V) but since I don't have the full allotment of combat engineer modules, I am a class 2 combat engineer. Assuming some of the modules have been found.

    Rest assured it take F** ing ages, 5 yrs for me due to change of regt etc and that is if the modules are not 'lost' as about half of mine were. Well worth making a list of what you did, where you did, who the instructors were and who else was on the course.

    Bear with it it can be fun and a bit more relaxed than Gib Bks although the BFE course there was far superior than can be done in the TA due to lack of equipment and numbers.

    Cpls A, F, J, H you are not forgotten from the last RESTART course.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    That was a great reply! In fact worthy of a mention as its rare to get an open house list that even a grunt would understand! Top Marks to Hogstable!
  9. Just a small correction to an otherwise excellent summary!

    Your pay is determined by your ME(V) class, however promotion depends on your career stream - Combat, C3S, POM, Driver...

    To be a LCpl in a Combat engineer PID you must have passed a Cadre and be class 2 in your trade, to be a Cpl you must be Class 1 in your trade - Combat, POM etc.

    So while you may be a class 1 ME(V) it is possible to be only a class 3 or 2 in your trade stream depending on how many credits you have gained for extra skills such as driving quals.
  10. Just to throw a spanner in the works, have you got a civvy engineering-type trade?

    I'd just hate to think that you're a Senior Project Manager or something and are aiming to build bridges.

    Not that there's anything wrong with building bridges. They're very nice and make good photos. Everyone should be able to produce an anecdote about them, but there is more to Sappering than just Combat Engineering.

    Sorry. Just noticed that you're a planty. Sorry if the long words (longer than four letters) offend. :)
  11. Whats PID?? And is it possible just to stay on the Combat Engineering side of things threwout you career ?? or are you made to do a trade,MT, Sigs POM??
  12. No, you can stay as Cbt Engr - as long as it's that type of unit, of course. Clearly not the case in an EOD regt where everyone is a EOD Engr - you may eventually get to Class 1 Cbt Engr but only incidentally.