TA Rupert's Kit allowance


Have any of you TA ruperts out there ever got the £400 or whatever it is allowance for your service dress/mess kit etc...?  

If so, exactly how much is it, how do you go about claiming it and when are you entitiled to it? I take it it doesn't automatically get paid by Glasgow.

Being a newly commisioned (2 1/2 year ago) TA gunner officer I need the full shebang - mess Kit, Service Dress, No 1s and Blue wooly pully. So could be quite expensive*.



*Shhh, but I've got the lot for about £150  ;)
uyp, some moons ago, go see you psao and ask for the officers clothing allowance form, fill it in and you should get it in a matter of weeks. i don't know how much it is today (about £400 is right). if you need the excact form code let me know and i'll find out.
The current rates are:

Issued with No.2 Dress:
Male £278
Female £306

Not issued with No.2 Dress:
Male £378
Female £385

Sorry for being such a spotter, but I am trying to claim mine at the moment. Having done that, the next mission is the Commission scroll...
I asked my PSAO for the form 11 months ago, still not shown up, I also asked the civvy clerk at regt, that didnt work either.

If I didn't know everyone was out to get me I would think I was paranoid....

p.s. I hear the average is 4 years for the scroll to appear? any advance on that?
I was under the impression that the scroll came through once you got your second pip.  I joined the TA as a "Super Rupert" and the scroll seemed to appear quite quickly (I can't remember exactly, it was about 20 years ago), certainly less than four years from me joining.

I was told:

Rupert = 2nd Lt
Super Rupert = Lt
Super Dooper Rupert = Capt

I think that getting your second pip and getting your scroll is merely lucky coincidence, still we'll be able to test that theory in October this year (fingers crossed) :)

Never managed to get any commitment from my PSAO about a form for the uniform allowance, will have to persue that one.

As for your scroll, apparently they're not automatically issued, you have to request them, my PSAO was clued up on this one, wrote to the relevant place and a few weeks later I got mine.  It came with a contact address and phone number from the APC when it arrived, PM me if you want the details so you can chase your own up.

Would all officers please not give the impression they are wishy-washy - why would anyone reading this thread think recently commissioned officers could look after 30 blokes when they can't sort their own admin out.

The uniform grant is an entitlement, not a debate as to whether you should get it.  Grip your PSAOs to get the form sorted.  Remember, your regiment will expect you to get all the Gucci kit and most PMCs will not accept "the PSAO hasn't given me the form" as an excuse !

The scrolls will eventually get delivered but they are - and always have been - low on the list of things to do.  I was commissioned in 1983 and got the scroll in 1987, after repeated chasers from me (your unit cannot directly influence the time taken for this).
A decade so far for the scroll... will it arrive before the VRSM? No idea!
As for the dress allowance, I seem to recall it arriving automatically following the Sandhurst MoD mini-break. That said, SD is only needed once a blue moon (usually November) and as for No 1 dress, well, never seen anyone in it to date  :D
Mess kit's taken some hammer though!! ;D ;D ;D
Mess Kit:  The most expensive Rugby gear you will ever buy!
Hey... Guess I was lucky. Scroll arrived about 2 weeks after commision was confirmed and delivered to me in the back of the nice warm SCP along with a nice cup of char.

As for uniform grant think I drank that several years ago..
But seriously our Regt AO grabbed the new subbies at camp and made us fill in the form.

Formaly the longest serving 2lt in the army :lol:
Uniform allowance never received despite actually filling in some sort of form.

Scroll arrived a few weeks before passing out from the regular commissioning course. (7 yrs waiting time).

Probably the shortest serving LT in the TAs history promoted within weeks of having my acting LT rank confirmed. After years as a one-pip-wonder with OTC and TA became a captain pretty sharp only to resign and go back to the factory. Possible the worst career mistake of my like.

Still mustn't Grumble
HVM boy I got the form from my PSAO filled it out and got the money after a month or so. Think it was around £378 quoted earlier. Maybe pay for one of my boots and a set of boxed spurs for my mess dress.
Isn't there a set of Army Orders, QR+Os, Administrative Orders, etc you could look all this up yourselves?

Is the unit Adjutant not concerned about his Officer's not getting this? He probably still wants you kitted regardless.
i opted for the lower rate and asked to be issued 2 dress as i am tall and do not fit the largest fitting i was sent to the tailors to be measured for 2's to be made. Refused as I a an officer. asked RAO for balance of full grant to buy service dress and was told i couldn't have it as i was ment to be issued no2's. My mess kit costs £1500 for the basic kit to be worn once a year same with my service dress(rememberence sunday) so the army can ram it. they want me to have it they can issue it.
ok you obviously don't appear to understand the QA's in the territorial army as nurses are officer only the unit i'm in has no junior rank nurses.
Where are you buying your uniform, Nurse? £1500 for mess dress - they must have seen you coming. There are tailors who will do it cheaper - around £800 for mess kit and £600 for Service Dress. Presumably all TA officers make an informed decision about joining, and are aware that they need to purchase some uniform items.

Maintaining a high standard of appearance is not something officers can opt out of, though my experience of TA nurses is that many of them are seem unaware of this. I shall never forget the sight of enormous flabby arrses crammed into unfeasibly tight Ron Hills and turquoise shorts on Saif Sareea - all that cellulite quite put me off me breakfast, what!

If you are only wearing mess kit once a year, it's your fault - kick your Mess committee so that they organise more functions; if they already do, go to them!
Speak nicely to your PSAO, he procured for me 1x service dress (only minus Sam Browne) for £100 and 1xMess Dress (minus only Mess Wellies and shirt) for £75.


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