TA rumours?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by EnglandsPride, May 19, 2010.

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  1. 2nd post so still bare with me people ;)

    Just trying to find fact from fiction of what lads at the company have told me about the TA. One of the things i've heard them talk about is the chance to do 'short tours' so basicly being able to deploy under 6 months, fact of fiction?

    One fiction i've found out is that you can complete all your training in 9 months, haha TAtastic!

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Unlikely, but not impossible.

  3. Very common with TA "them" but if short tours are your thing try the RAF.
  4. I'm guessing you mean all your basic training? I completed mine in 5 months - 6 weekends and a two-week CMSR (now TSCA and TSCB?). It wasn't Infantry but the lads I was training with who were finished only a short time after myself.
    So even with the 3 months of paper work I was done and transferred in under 9 months. 8)

    Then had to wait 6 months for a new beret. :roll:
  5. That's pretty damn good, i'm loosing hope, there's one bloke at our company who waited a year for weekend 1!!! but there were the TA cut backs during his wait.

    6 months for new beret!? haha, would of just spent a few quid and got one myself to be honest.

    If anyone could give me more info on these 'short tours' that would be great.

    Before i can transfer to a reg batt i have to have completed at least one tour with the TA, would a short tour count?

    Cheers all.
  6. I hope you're talking about the lads at your civvy company. If not, they're a cruel bunch of b'stards. :)
  7. There's no such thing as a transfer to the regs from the TA as far as I know, you can do FTRS if you apply for the job and get it, and I think they still do the old S type engagement in some circumstances.

    But if you want to join the regs, join the regs.
  8. What he said.

    If you think 'transferring' into the regs (doing an S-Type) is a shortcut through basic training... you're right.

    And you'll be treated like it.

    If you want to be treated as an equal, be an equal. Not that STAB cnut who skipped basic. On an s-type, even if you're super switched on and the model soldier, you'll always be the STAB.

    And anyway, if you want to go full time, why does it matter if you're doing long or short tours??? Time in the regular army is one big long tour away from your civvy life!!

    Finally, the only common way to go regular from the TA, is to go on tour with a regular battalion, and impress them so much that they offer you a job come the end. I know a few people who've done that.
  9. A mate whose on bravo at the moment will have done alpha, bravo and first part of trade training by the end of this summer, he was attested last year.
  10. I think you said quite a lot with those couple of comments on a number of different levels, I agree with them.
  11. TA rumours...in the good old days a worthwhile TA rumour would have been "a TA battalion is being mobilised for NI" or "pensions are being introduced". Youth of today tch-tch!

    Now where did I park my zimmer?
  12. Are you Regular or TA? ( or cadet? )

    I know that RSM 2 RIFLES made it abundantly clear that there where only Rifleman in Ballykinler, no differential with the TA soldiers. Seemed to work well.

    Are there still S-type engagements? Thought they'd long gone.
  13. Yeah there are still S-Type engagements mainly used for re enlistments mate of mine did a few years regular army joined the TA did a tour came back put in for an FTRS and while on that transfered to the regulars and for the first 2 years was on an S-type he has now transfered his engagement to an open engagement dont know how it all works but he had to jump threw a lot of hoops to get where he is now
  14. Well it's not ideal for me to join the regs yet as i'm still doing a course at college, hence why i joined TA.

    I was hoping to spend a few years with the TA and then transfer when i can, i was however told that you can only transfer to a reg rifles batt after you've done a tour with them, which bought me to my question 'would a short tour count'.

    No - I'm not doing TA as and easy route into regs (s type), don't jump to petty conclusions :p

    "Are you regular or TA?" If i was regular i wouldn't be asking about transfers into them would i now, use your common sense mate ;)

    I don't see the point in leaving useless bitchy comments.
    Thankyou to the people that have left a decent and useful comment
  15. Common sense... like realising that I was asking therealbigdrizzle?