TA RSigs Training/Retention

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Just seen this in the retention thread, thought I'd branch it off to see what we want.

    What do people want? I guess less ITDs for starters. Do people like doing FIBUA exercises or would rather do some patrollng/section attacks/low level infantry work instead (and be out in a basha all weekend).

    Do you want more comms training, would you want to see kit you don't have (e.g. Ptarmigan/Comorant etc), do you want to do more Information Systems training (like work towards MCSE) and what about going on exercises with other regiments (like TA Ptarmigan or TA Infantry - as Sigs or as infantrymen)

    Do you want comms exercises to be more demanding, maybe exercising as proper Infantry Bde Sig Sqn instead of the CCRF Bde Sig Sqn role (which scarily I really enjoy doing).

    Or do we enjoy just going on weekends doing a few ITDs, on the lash in the evening and a easy Sunday doing an command tasks blindfolded or something similar.
  2. Joint Exercises would be good, bolt CNR onto Ptarmigan or provide real comms for other users like RLC Ex or some such, hell if a TA RLC Regt is on Ex why not give em a TA Sig Troop to provide real comms.
  3. Realtime traffic would be great from a CNR point of view, might put a stop to the radio'i'm bored' checks!
  4. Thats quite valid, especially for Ptarmigan units as they lack customers, but I'm sure there many units (especially the TA Med Bde) that have Ptarmigan equiped FFRs (SCRA(T)) but very rarely use Ptarmigan (even thou one of the RSigs ARRC role is to provide them comms).

    We wouldn't have to give them CNR as they already have but would experience our Siggies in using VHF and Ptarmigan.

    One idea I heard recently is that the geeks (FofS/YofS) amongst us should get together once a year for a training weekend (to update knowledge), I think the regulars do something similar (but I'm not a supervisor before anyone gets any ideas who I am)
  5. A bit like the Th Tps 'Capstone' ex, LOG FOCUS, in Sept 05 - when 12 Sig Gp (33 & 34 Sig Regts and elements of 35 Sig Regt), 1 Sig Bde, 30 Sigs, 7 & 16 Sig Regts and elements of 600 Sig Tp supported/enabled - 2 (MN) Log Sp Gp?
  6. Never happened in my time as a TA SW Bitch, guess someones listening to ARRSE.
  7. Yes but there is only so much you can do in one weekend and the logisitics of getting more than one regt together at one time must be a nightmare
  8. Isn't that what we train for? We used to send sig dets from Surrey to Yorkshire and back on a weekend once upon a time communicating all the way. All I'm saying is with a bit of co-ordination it would be possible to find another localish unit with a comms need and build the Excercises together.
  9. LOG FOCUS was not a two-day Ex - it ran for 15 days. The Sigs provided PTARMIGAN, CNR, Satellite and other forms of communication (namely PELA) FOR NEARLY 1600 Specialist RLC TA and regular RLC regiments - enabling 3 remote areas of the country (STANTA, Bicester and Longmoor) to communicate with each other wia satellite bridges, hubbed through Germany - the configuration used being only ever used once before by regular units so it was a huge pat on the back for the TA Sigs guys and RLC were justifiably impressed.
  10. Have any of you approached local regular regiments to bolt on to any of their ex. i would jump at the chance to role out my access nodes at every opportunity with full PT support. if the TA can enable this and you have something to offer be proactive. But it jusnt just have to be comms related. it could be anything from playing enemy on a siggies cadre to supporting the deployement of a full Bde HQ.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    So would I, but it relies on a Bde Hq to really test them out and I haven't met one of these which works at the weekends.

  12. HH, What do you think the TA want to do on weekends?

    Some of the PSI's/officers (I do mean some) think the TA RSigs wants to 'play' soldiers and doesn't want to do comms related stuff. I have been quite suprised by all of the replies focusing on the TA doing the job to the best of their ability.
  13. we should have a big ex with other units not just other sig units. manly infanty and medical so we can get used to running the radios and play situations other than set up wait sleep eat shit take down and go home. the new peeps go on that and will stay for ages looking forward to the next time it happens. has that ever happened. would it ever happen. anyone done it.
  14. I'd just like some quality focused training, Infantry or Sigs. We've got a Sqn Ex coming up which i'm told is Infantry based, hopefully it'll be good (at least we have a bit more input into Sqn level training), but no-one has said what the focus will be.

    But, having joined R Sigs, i'd definitely like to see more Comms Ex's. I think the lack of quality Comms Ex's is (in part) due to a few other things though, like:

    1. VOR's taking min of 3 months to get back from Abro (not their fault... as our civvie support staff are also woefully undermanned), no Veh's = no Ex.
    2. Lack of B+E drivers to drive said Veh's.

    The last Regt Ex, attended by all four Sqns, managed to pull out of the bag just 4 Dets... thats right. One Det was raised per Sqn. Why... no drivers. Lots of people, but non with B+E.

    Automatic entitlement to pull trailers was stopped in 1997!!

    Driver training also takes for ever. I did my theory test for D licence, back in August. Still waiting for dates for practical test... Saying that, i don't envy the Master Drivers job for one second.