TA RSigs cuts good or bad

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. No, an unecessary cull

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  2. Yes

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  3. Yes but not such a deep cut

  1. Not made up my mind 100%. I anticipated this but reality is not nice to deal with.

    We are now going to be trained correctly not extending the cold war skills, equipment levels back to normal not just some token kit issues.

    So a needed change?
  2. Dooh, I meant to vote yes
  3. I voted yes. I transfered out of the TA Sigs years ago because I realised pretty quickly that we were using equipment that was outdated before I was born and that when the mobilisations started I wanted to be doing something relevant to a trade, not just a dogsbody. A big shame because there is a great fraternity amongst the Siggies and a social scene that is seldom found in other capbadges.
  4. Fraid I vote yes, it's necessary, we're in a new world now with not much time for sentiment or nostalgia. It is pretty shabby the way it's all been handled by the men in grey suits though.
  5. What a waste of money and resources. Its about time the Army did the right thing and got rid of the equipments that it didn't need and used the money where it matters - at the front line supporting the soldiers on the ground!!!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Like the 18,000 tours that the TA have done in the last 6 years you mean?

  7. just a dogsbody. A big shame because there is a great fraternity amongst the Siggies and a social scene that is seldom found in other capbadges.

    The above statement says it all

    The Signals TA is nothing short of a weekend gentlemans club, the equipment is ancient (the modern Army deserve the new equipment)
    There is no actual role for the Signals TA anymore with increasing advances in communications technology your Euromuxe's and clansman are not needed.

    Why should the Government waste money on ensuring you can have an exclusive drinking club when in actual fact the money could be put to better use equiping front line regular soldiers.

    Please dont harp on about how many TA Signallers have done tours here there and everywhere, its all to easy to do the hard stuff for a few months then go home with the medal you were so desperate to get.

    Why am I saying these harsh words?......because I served as an SPSI for a long time and saw first hand what the TA did and what equipment there was to hand.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I bet you had a great 2 years :roll:

    When? 1960s?

  9. So in your broad experience and knowledge....

    Q1. When did the Regular component of the Royal Corps' cease to use Euromux?

    Q2. When did the Regular component of the Royal Corps' cease to use Clansman?
  10. what planet are you on? Yes the social side is strong and the equipment was old but the modern TA Sigs is nothing like you describe. Its crap because the kit is old??? No civilian skills far outway that
  11. Gentlemen please do not feel the urge to defend yourselves so vigorously

    I have seen for my eyes and from my experiences TA units that do not even posses a green vehicle
    Those units are neither covert or special forces so how can they justify being "military"

    Get off your high yeomanary horses and accept the fact that the Government has seen sense at last
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And of that 18,000 how many have been R Sigs cap badge? And does that number reflect a contribution equal to their numbers as part of the overall TA?

    We all know the second question is rhetorical...
  13. Why ever not?

    Well, I come from a unit that doesn't even have a white fleet vehicle to call its own. So what? Surely what matters is what operational capability you can deliver (whether or not that capability is front and centre in the current operational environment - in fact, surely capabilities that are less significant in the current paradigm but are still needed in the overall orbat are one of the things the reserves are ideal for?) Oh, just for info, the vehicle I am driving on ops isn't green either.

    You must be thinking of other signallers and some other country's government. Or are you just upset that some units in the Corps have smarter uniforms than the Regs do?

    The WWIII capability was obsolete and needed to go. Whether the regiments needed to go with the kit is worth a discussion. Whether the people will need to go with the regiments is still to be seen.

    But then shafting the reserve is (relatively) politically painless (c.f. the RNR losing their ships in the 1990s).
  14. msr

    msr LE

    That'll be the minesweepers then...
  15. Every post you seem to be either on the wind up, or displaying your complete lack of knowledge of the Corps.

    Care to answer my previous questions? When did Euromux and Clansman cease to be used by the Regs?