Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Praetorian, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Gents,

    I have my TA RSC coming up in a few months, and I was just wondering what the score is with these weekends. I have been doing lots of training, but I don't know what the actual format of the weekend is yet, and was wondering if I could get some information from you guys on it.


  2. P,

    is this the TAFS 1/Attestation weekend you are talking about or TAFS2?

    there is no weekend called TA RSC!!!!!!!!!!

    PS Where are you doing it and good luck
  3. Im probably getting my terminology wrong.

    Its the first weekend you go on, as in "Rock up as a civvie, get sent on the first weekend"

    Is that any help?

  4. the score is to see if the ta is for you and vice versa, its pretty hard to fcuk up, but its been known.
    little bit of what the ta is about and a bit of drill is what i got.....
  5. Ah!

    By the looks of things i'm going on about the attestation weekend!

    Any information on that one chaps?

  6. I just come back from my first Phase 1a weekend if thats the one your talking about pm me and il send you some info...
  7. Praetorian,

    the attestation weekend is ok, as said in previous replies it's fairly hard to feck up!

    As long as your fit enough etc you wil be ok, can i ask when/where you are doing it?
  8. Are you on one soon as well? PM me.