TA RS ICS Operator Class 3-2 trade course??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. Anyone heard the duty rumour that a R Sigs Class 3 Operator can attend the same Class 3 trade camp as previously attended (so in addition to) and be signed off as Class 2 provided they reach the higher required pass mark?

    Can anyone shed some light on whether this is the case and what the requirments are? (i.e. 1 year as a Class 3)

    I find it difficult to imagine that this would be so, as the Class 3-2 competency matrix requirements are different to that currently taught on a Class 3 trade course?

    It would be beneficial to have another 2-week residential but I thought the whole point of the Class 2 training was doing the job but with supervision?

    Thoughts/Answers/Generic R Sigs insults on a postcard please!

    [edited for Stilts "the ****"]
  2. Class 3 to 2 is just on the job experience surely ?
    Thats the whole point of the workbook.

    We had some bods on Class 3 training last month, they cam back with certificates for Class 3 "PART ONE" , so is there a part two ? Will passing your class3 now take more time ( not including the week long driving course ) and if so is it going to take almost 3 years to go from recruit to trained op.
  3. Yeah it's the same course which raised this question. Without going too much in to it, apparently there was a candidate on the course who had previously done their C3 and was doing it again to complete C2 (at the higher pass mark)?? There's no confirmation of this however, as this particular candidate didn't complete anyway.

    Part two?? Anyone else have any advances/explanations in to this?
  4. All I know is they were told it was a two part course, god knows why its not exactly mind bending, and if it is a two part course then its longer than the class one course.
  5. Reg Class 3 PART ONE = TA Class 3
    Reg Class 3 PART TWO = TA Class 2
    Reg Class 3 PART THREE = TA Class 1

    We do the subparts of the regular class 3 as our Class 3 to 1... so a TA class 1 is (notionally) equivalent to a Reg class 3. Gerrit?

    ETA: I think bringing back 9 day courses for doing class 3-2, and class 2-1 would be a good thing... rather than spread the experience over 6-9 comms weekends (2-3 years of the trg programme... assuming 1.5-1 days of each weekend is pure comms rather than driving to/from location) and suffering the skill fade between each weekend, get it all in a 9 dayer and then load the comms weekends on top for extra practice... And allow class 1's to attend the 2-1 course 1 year in 3 either as an intensive refresher or to adjust to changes in kit.
  6. TB is probably right... last time I heard. Class 2 TA was to be the same as Class 3 Reg, part of modular training system. Changing that to Class 1 TA = Class 3 Reg makes sense because part of the class 1 sylabus is IT.

    Class 2 attending a class 3 to redo or brush up is very old NCRS/Ptarmigan way of thinking.
  7. Nope, not probably right, I am right, this is the way it is.

    Old it may be, but having experienced both ways I think the old way was better... everyone seemed much more clued up on the kit back then.
  8. Depends on what your trying to achieve though.. Some of the more recent changes was to use BOWMAN as a training aid towards more generic comms skills, which copied the regular army. Or put another way: the skill wanted was someone familiar with printers, laptops, network devices, radios, etc. Being able to use BOWMAN is a secondary skill not primary..
    If we're training just for UK Ops, then fine - just do kit specific training (and I agree it still seems better way for TA training to be run).

    Can Signallers attend the class 1 course now?
  9. First off: Its not RS as it's the abbviation of Royal Scots, it's either Royal Signals or abbviriated to R Sigs!!

    Rant over.

    The class 3 -2 is gained by on the job training with a 3 -2 workbook this has various tasks / objectives to be completed / passed once the book is completed it should be then sent to the Regt Yeoman for signing off for your Class 2 qual. Then you class 1 is 2 weeks at sunny blandford.

  10. He means Radio Systems, I think.

    ICS Ops trg ... BSS was mods 1 and 2 in unit, class 3 on Bde Trade camp covering mods 3 and 4, the remaining modules were taught on REEBOK, Landward, Lock, UK Ops kit (inmarsat, etc)...

    This change was (I believe) inspired by the changes to infantry training (DIE) and would make TA RSig soldiers more deployable.

    Module 2 was ECDL based and now looks recognised as taught on class 1. This has been an ongoing problem in TA RSig operator training for years (10+), partly due to a civilian instructor at Blandford bodging regular (class 3) subjects in to the TA class 1 because 'it says teach this subject in TA RSTO's' and having a shit attitude towards the TA 'they're not real soldiers anyway'.
  11. I am assured after repeated checking and re-checking that those of us who attended this particular course have a "by" on the part 2, but that will not happen for subsequent courses - and there may be more weekends required for the Class 3 as of next year, making it quite a very lengthy course. There is much more in the new courses than what I've heard of the old courses and two weeks is not enough to cover it all. At least, not without major changes to the way it's taught that are probably not practical.

    There was some confusion caused by the Brigadier and Brigade Yeoman who said that it was now a two part course and we all needed to come back next year to do part 2, but that's been contradicted by every Squadron and Regimental Yeoman I've spoken to. There seems to be some disconnect between what's happening on the ground and what Brigade think is happening, that much was obvious from the course, at least.

    The comment about some people being able to do class two was probably because we had Blandford exam papers that are also given to Regs and were told that "Your pass mark is X, because you're doing Class 3". Nobody on the course that I know of was doing their class 2. (Had a few NCOs doing retrades though, and at least one of the DS needed to be there to get their class 1, which may also have confused people)
  12. The course design is the responsibility of TDT in Blandford. The current RSTO's are easily available on DII, but I don't have the link at hand.

    The RSTO's are then handed over to Brigade and DCCIS for delivery, one/two years ago it was to be 2 weekend BSS, 1 week class 3 and several weekends for class 2 (either regimental or with other regiments).

    The higher pass mark for class 2 is again, the old NCRS course
  13. Stilts, I hate to nit pick (but I am going to anyway). R Sigs is most definitely not a recognized abbreviation for the Corps - the only accepted one is R SIGNALS.