TA Royal Signals decimated.... what of the Regs?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chocolate_frog, May 24, 2009.

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  1. As we have seen the "Part Time Signals" have been effectively ravaged by the current round of cuts.

    The big question (well, for Regular Royal Signals anyway) is will the Regular Units of the Corps face similar cuts?

    As the more labour intensive legacy equipment passes in to antiquaty, and more modern, sophisticated and capable equipment comes in do we need a Regular contingent of some 10,000 men?
  2. Had to laugh at this post, probably the most niaive post ever in the history of arrse.

    Do you really think that the kit we deploy is so robotic that we don't need personnel to operate it.

    And what of "close support" in the HQ ? Obviously you have never worked in a deployed HQ.

    Stick to the Army Cadet Force threads in future mate.
  3. ginger what a load of rubbish, the Corps faces big changes. Maybe you should attend the SOinC briefs. The main Regiments may not be so large in the future as more support is required at Bde Sig Sqn level.

    I would say the Sigs is right in the cross hairs for a reduction in manpower (think we stand at around 8.3k ish atm?).
  4. bring on the redundancies!!

    ginge.. the most man power intensive thing we do as close support HQ is zip tie cables to tent poles, or move phones from one side of an officers desk to the other, i think chocolate frog is right, our role gradually becoming more IT based, so if the kit and role changes it is fair to assume the orbat will too
  5. You clearly know nothing of what the future holds. New systems will be a lot less manpower intensive. Bdes and Divs will not be relying on the Signals for life support.

    You need to hand your puttees in and think about the future.

    As for the original question, there is either going to be a rebalancing of Corps assets, or there will be manpower cuts.
  6. Why do you think SOinC has been so proactive in setting up the RLDs and pushing through the "campaign" sig regts? To establish a position of strength and a relatively strong bargaining position when the big defence slasher movie takes place next year. A very shrewd move indeed.

    Redundancies? Definitely, but not sure what trades and ranks will be likely to bear the brunt. I suspect that the current recession and recruiting / retention stats will give the penny pichers a false sense of security. I also overheard someone hypothesising that the fact that fewer officers are resigning might mean tough times ahead for the over 40's.
  7. Give it to me, I'll go :wink:
  8. msr

    msr LE

    The reserve component?

  9. I'll have some of the redundancy pie if a slice is offered! However we have already been drawing down on Corps manpower over the past few years. A not so well documented fact was that we lost circa 500 posts to get FALCON through Main Gate. The campaign signal regiments will see an acute re-balancing of manpower with smaller Bde Signal Sqns and bigger regiments to allow other tasks to be completed.
  10. My post wasn't half as funny as this one....

    I take it my most was good enough to drag you from your ArRSe hiatus of nearly 5 years, seeing as your last post was 3rd July 2004.

    So will you be coming on to explain the thinking behind your "brain enema" that spilled on to your keyboard, or will this be the last we see of you until 2014?
  11. As decimated means to reduce by 10%. I wouldn’t call a reduction to 90% ravaged. :oops:

    Editd to add:

    Just checked: The modern definition means to reduce by a large proportion - English bastardised again. :oops: :oops:
  12. one of the things that is being bandied around is the attachment of Corps personnel to the Infantry to use them as the Sigs Platoon, not sure if this has started yet but it is one of the things that has been mentioned, as no disrespect to the infantry guys, some of them are not the most switched on, but there are alot of clued up guys there aswell, if it does happen then there might not be a reduction in Corps manning as lads and lasses will be thrown into the deep end with the infantry.
  13. Why do they need a regiment of personnel (I'm guessing c 600+) to handle comms between a small number of HQs?
  14. Here is a little rumour starter. I think that you will return whence you came and be re-absorbed into the Royal Engineers. Sprouted, blossomed and died, all within the space of one hundred years. :wink:
  15. Morrison Cup, RSA weekend, Trailwalker, Garrison fetes etc etc. :lol: