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I am fairly new into the regiment, as a TA soldier.

I am waiting to start my training as an OP assistant, which will commence in the up and coming months. Now, I dont want to jump the gun so to speak but want to know of what may become available in the future.

What are the chances of a TA soldier in this role attempting the AACC or P-Coy, I understand that we are usually attached to 7RHA when deploying on Herick, but I don't know whether or not we would get the chance to attempt these courses.

Any info would be welcomed.
If you support 7 or 29 on Ops (and there is a very high likelihood of that once you're OPA lvl 3) there will be so much else going on in the way of Mission Specific Training that you won't have time to have a crack at AACC or P Coy during your mobilisation period.

At the moment, things are so tight that all the RMR lads on H7 with us had to be asked to volunteer to do the last month of the tour (effectively giving up their POTL and going straight back to work in some cases) because Pre Deployment Training (as it was then) had eaten up so much of their Mob year!

There must be other ways to have a crack at one of these courses whilst being in the TA.

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