BEEZER84 said:
Thankyou we live in the Manchester area so it handy

I fairness the Manchester Unit is an Independent one, which means an extra commitment in training days, including some week nights and some weekends in addition to your 15 day camp.

If however, time or work commitments are a bit tighter, she could consider a Specilaist RMP unit, whose commitment is 19 days per year made up of a 15 day camp and 4 day long weekend to complete MATTS training.

But, if your girlfriend is not ex-RMP or not a civvy copper or anything to do with security/law enforcement then I'm sure that the Specilaist Unit will not currently take her because of their role(s), which means back to an Independant Unit.

I have heard that the RMP Specialist unit based at Worthy Down, (comprising of the GPD and SIB elements of the ARRC Mn MP Bn) will be recuriting later this year.

PM if you are interested and I'll let you have some contact numbers.
Excellent, read this and rang them today about the specialist ARRC MP postions. they are recruiting this year and I do believe you have to be ex RMP or a Police officer, luckily I'm both.
I know the general gist of ARRC but if anyone is currently serving or has, or knows anymore about the unit i'd be glad to hear.



Hi ricormp,

I am the Pl Comd for the ARRC MN MP BN and it is currently understrength and has vacancies for at least 6 possibly as many as 10 JNCO's.

We are looking to recruit this year and would prefer ex RMP or indeed ex Service persons, preferably those that have been out of the Services for under 3 years, that way we don't have to muck about with recruits courses etc, as it can be a long process.

We do NOT insist on you being a serving Police Officer, but it helps.

The commitments is only 19 days a year and we usually go to Germany every year for a camp, although next year I am trying to arrange Cyprus.

If I can be of any further help drop me a PM.


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