A simple question, hopefully with a simple answer, is it possible to be in the RMP (TA) without being a serving civilian police officer?

The reason I ask is that I always thought anyone could join, and some of my friends even know serving RMP TA who aren't civpol in their main employment, however when I contacted the AGC(RMP) about transfering to them I was told it was in their entry criteria that you have to be civpol to become RMP in the TA.
Any advice would be appreciated (wihout the usual "Why be a monkey...").
Its not a bar to joining so fill your boots! You then won't have to contend with the fact that RMP is 'far behind the curve' in relation to current legislative procedures - Police & Criminal Evidence Act, CPIA, RIPA etc. So if you don't know this i.e. not civvy bill its an advantage! They do catch up - just in time for the law to change again!
Erm, I've always wanted to join the Redcaps and even thought about transfering in from my unit (until things picked up) and the closest thing to CIVPOL I've come to is stuck in a cell in Southall nick.

I was told that this particular unit has four selection weekends a year for those not already plastic squaddies and that CIVPOL wasn't an entry requirement. (look HERE or HERE)

They told me to come along on a parade night, let them give me the schpiel as to why their unit's the best, then come along for a few parade nights to see if "I fit in" then take it from there....

I have to say that the fittest birds I've seen in the army were in the RMP's, I wouldn't mind some of them handcuffing me in the back of their jack wagon....

Oh.......and *WAH*
You can not join the Specialist Unit at ACG CVHQ Worthy Down which is part of ARRC however you can join a non specialist unit ie. an indep unit, they are dotted around teh country. They do all their won legal training I believe where as the specialists need to know all that before they join as they receive little training.

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