TA RMP - Southwick Park?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jerrycan2793, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. As mentioned previously on here I have been looking at transferring to the TA RMP.

    Paper work is in and I am now potentially on course at the start of April, Obviously I will get more information from the staff in my new TAC over the next few days but look a little puppy chasing its tail I am interested to find out what exactly I may be in for. Is it actually at Southwick park?

    Ive been in the TA for a good few years now so it feels like a bit of a step back to be going back to training.

    Any knowledge I should brush up on?

    Kit which may be useful?

  2. It is indeed at Southwick Park, next course is 2nd week in April.
  3. any ideas on course content or what to expect?
  4. Check your pm's.
  5. Out of interest what course is it that you are on?
  6. I am in the same situation, transfer in progress and possibly attending the course in September. My question is the same as Jerrycan2793. Can someone help.