TA RMP or the RAF Reserves Police? Which should i join?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Stemondo, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. I've always had a great interest in the RAF but when looking at both the TA RMP and the Reserves Police i wanted to know really what the main working differences are apart from the obvious?

    I live 10 miles away from the nearest TA RMP centre but 80 mile away from the nearest RAF police unit. Is there any reason to travel the extra? Although I've heard i would have to commit to alot more days if i'm local.

    I've also been told i should apply as an officer in the TA because of my qualifications but i know there's no position at my local TA RMP centre as an officer so should i just forget the officer application or is it better to go for officer rather than my job preference?

    Lastly i also have an application with the CNC police, does anyone know if either of these will affect my application in anyway?


  2. I guess you've never felt the need to be popular.

    From what I can gather CNC recruiting process seems to take an age, but if you want to work as a security guard in the middle of nowhere stick with it. RMP/RAFP are not held in the highest regard by HO Police forces if you're thinking of joining a constabulary in the future.

    Only you know what you want to do.

    This might be of interest:

    CNC is it a real Police Force?? - UKPOLICEONLINE Discussion Forum
  3. Visit both and have a chat. They have all the answers.
  4. Part Time Monkey or snow drop and full time barrier technician? Were you bullied at school perchance?

    Go to the Unit that you think you will enjoy most! Key selection criteria are the price of the beer, the number and quality of the birds attached to the unit and the ratio of w*nkers: good blokes.

    Don't worry about the officer/trooper decision now, turn up for a few months, and then decide if you think you will get more out of being a soldier or an officer. In addition, a STAB RMP O/Cdt will draw a lot of flak in training!

    I would cast my net wider than the snow drops or monkeys because A) if you are plod in civilian life the last thing you will want to do is stag on and run speed traps in your time off B) The monkeys and snow drops attract a significant proportion of "unique individuals" and a labotomy is a mandatory entry requirement.

    If you want to impress civ plod,have a few brain cells, enjoy good looking female company and have an interesting part time job, I would try Int Corps.

    After thought, If you want a long term career as a copper don't mess with the TA go and join the Specials.
  5. Why waste your time being a pretend policeman or a pretend soldier, just concentrate your efforts being a Traffic Warden or Mall type cop!
  6. What an absolute crock of shite. I know a lot of ex RMP especially in civpol and a lot of them make better coppers than the drivelling, snotty nosed mummy's boys I see joining up. Military police are gradually going tri-service as well with many sections operating tri-service already so under the Armed Forces Act 06 most of the military legislation and practices are the same. Furthermore active measures are going through (gradually, granted) for the RMP (not sure about RAFP or RNP) to be a HO recognised police force.
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  7. I worked with many Police Forces over many years - and often met Police Officers who were also RMP TA (Sponsored Unit). Police Forces also like to take on ex-service personnel.
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  8. Really. In days of yore perhaps. The very last thing HO forces want these days is one of their number abstracted on 'special leave' to attend TA training weekends/exercises etc. I won't even go into overseas deployments.

    With the ongoing cutbacks, I would recommend anyone applying for the Regulars, to do exactly what Bushmills says, and go down the Specials route. If you don't, your chances of getting through selection are considerably reduced. The Command Teams are pushing for value for money, and the only way you can demonstrate that, is by giving them some of your time free of charge, ergo join the Speshuls.

    They are desperate to plug the A19 gap, and the only way they can do it is expanding the Specials role. It's called getting something for nothing.
    HO forces like taking on ex forces personnel? I am unsure where you got this info from. Sounds anecdotal to me. Having experience of police recruitment (being an ex assessor) I see absolutely no compelling evidence of this.Quite the opposite in fact. Which is why I am no longer am involved in police assessments.
  9. years back when i left hmf,i was told a lot of forces would expect someone wanting the job to put some time in as a spc,that way both sides got a look at each other before ant money got wasted.
    as for the cnc,it may not be that long before someone suggests joining cnc/mdp/btp together to save cash and protect the national inferstructer
  10. I think your keyboard has some broken keys.
  11. spell check's broke!
  12. So you want to be a Military Rozzer?

  13. Is your name paul blart?
  14. Well, quite a lot of useless opinions but there was some useful info amongst it.

    So i'm guessing it's not such I great idea going in as an officer and that there isn't much difference between the RAF an ta police.

    Anyone here currently serving in the reserves or ta and really enjoying it?
  15. If you want to do more Police Work Stuff and soldiering/Close Protection then go RMP. If you want to be well clued up on security ops, better postings and that side of things with a bit of soldiering and the odd opportunity to go CP, then go RAFP. RAFP is less Bullshit, better digs, RMP tons more Bullshit, shite digs but you'll be better at soldiering and Investigations + you can go Para or Commando if your into beasting yourself. Good luck.