Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jonnyrocket, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. hey guys, I origionalymoved back to the uk to apply and join the RMP a year ago i did my barbs and got 76, the recruiter said if i got some qualifications i could even apply for officer, when i applied i had no gcses or any qualifications, so now im doing an access course 3 alevels chemistry physics and biology also english double maths ict and italian gcses, I plan to go to uni this or next september what do you reccomend i can study at uni that will benefit me for RMP/ officer role, also i have just aplied for special constable to get some police experience, i want to know what i can do, and what your opinions are on routs to get officer, also i want to join ta rmp while im at uni is it an easy switch if i apply for officer after uni? what are your opinions help from people that did rmp while at uni would be great
  2. English would definitely be a good start
  3. So, to clarify:

    You want to be a Military Policeman, and a student, and an officer, all at the same time?

    Do you want the whole world to hate you??
  4. Angular,
    Be nice, according to the press/meeja today.
    the average teenager has a vocabulary of around 800 words.
    This poor little lamb is doing his best, but he's going to be frustrated by personal inadequacy
    (obviously loads more as he wants to be a student and RMP).

    Just allow him to dream....
  5. What 5 universities are you applying to?

    There are RMP TA units based in London (253 Provost Company), with a detachment in Southampton, Manchester (116 Provost Company), with a detachment in Cannock, Livingston (243 Provost Company), and Norton (252 Provost Company), with a detachment in Newcastle.

    That said, I wouldn't let the location of those units influence your choice of course and consequent University, choose a degree that you are genuinely passionate about, from what little experience I've had, RMAS is pretty flexible about what degree it's officers have. I've read about officers with degrees in everything from Philosophy to Sports Management.

    What Special Constabulary have you applied to? How flexible are they going to be about you transferring to the Constabulary near your chosen uni? Can you even do that?

    PM me if you want to know more, but if you could use punctuation and grammar, that'd be fantastic.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Pot and kettle and all that.

  7. Something you enjoy. If it's a technical degree then that opens doors elsewhere in the army for you as well.

    TA and civilian policing tends to be either mutually exclusive or require special consent from your force. If you're doing a scientific degree then sooner or later you'll find yourself working longer hours than your sociology counterparts, and fitting both in could become tricky. My advice would be to pick one, but not both.

    Rather than trying to do everything, have a sit down, think about what you really want, then speak to the relevant people.
  8. Balls!

    Sorted that one out.
  9. Popping down your local TA centre would be a good start, be careful about trying to become both a TA soldier and a Special Constable at the same time or doing one and trying to do the other it is at the Chief Constables discretion as well as your CO.
  10. I'm not TA RMP but the boyfriend is an officer in the TA RMP and another friend is a TA RMP Ocdt currently at uni.

    You can't really do Special Constable and TA at the same time. Specials are required to go into training at weekends and often do shifts at the weekends. TA occurs at the weekends too. Go figure.

    From my experience of knowing people who are in the TA RMP and other people who are Specials, it's a completely different ball game in both and it would seem that the TA RMPs get a lot more variety of things to do (as in courses, responsibility, adventure training etc) and they also have the chance to earn more money as in the TA you earn for the time you do, but in the Specials the pay is capped once you reach a (quite low) time limit each year. As in, once you start doing over the time limit, you get no more money and are essentially doing it for free. But if it's civilian police experience you're after rather than army experience, don't let that fact of pay get in your way. Everyone is different.

    So if you decide to go the TA route, study whatever the hell you want at uni, it probably makes no speck of difference. As in for officer, you can start off in the ranks and decide to go officer later after uni, or you can start off as an OCdt and go straight through the officer route.

    It's best to speak to the local unit you'll be going to as they'll talk through your options, as some people prefer starting the the ranks first and others go straight in the officer route. It's up to you and also up to your unit and how they do things, as everyone is different and I have seen people who have done it each and every way pretty much possible.
  11. i apologise for not being clear but at the moment while i do my course i am going to become a special constable but what i was thinking isntead of that i could join the TA while i go to university so i have some expereince for when i finish uni and ill re-apply for officer post.
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    You most certainly can do both and people have. TA training isn't every weekend and of course Specials are obliged to perform a certain amount of hours duty a month which can be worked around your TA schedule. I knew someone who did happily both for years.
  13. Yep can second you on that mate....
  14. So, you're looking to be a Special whilst you do your course, then drop that when you get to uni and join TA RMP instead? Or have i read that completely wrong.
  15. What Am I doing does... I think Bensonby did to.