Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Queenie_87, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. I'm 20, female and want to join the RLC but have got no idea what trade to do. All the info on the net seems to be formal and would like some real opinions!

    Tried to book onto a familiarisation weekend at Grantham but has been cancelled three times and not on again til September.

    Any advice appreciated!
  2. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Depends on many factors.

    What do you do for a living.
    Would you like to something similar or something completely different.
    What are you looking for from the TA (travel etc)
    What kind of things interest you.

    Everyone’s different but breaking down the above will give you a better idea.

    Or you could just become a Mover and immediately win the RLC lottery.
  3. I'm in process of joining RLC in Southampton, so part of 165 Port Regiment - main trades taken up are port operator or seaman, but I've put down vehicle specialist and nobody has said I can't do it!

    Familiarisation course have probably been shelved over summer in favour of holidays/annual camps, and will probably restart later - think best thing you can do is find your nearest RLC unit and go along, trades aren't an immediate issue as you've got the 'basic' training to knock out first

    If you can travel down to Southampton you'd be more than welcome - its a very new unit (formed 2007), and we really need recruits!

    Have a look at the website;

  4. Ok cool, Cheers for that.

    Will book on at my local unit and see what the guys have to say.

    But will break it down before i go so i know exactly what i want out of it.

    Another bone Monday morning, enjoy : )
  5. the grantham RLC TA are pretty good they do driving and postal and catering and radio operators and loooads more
  6. Transferring to RLC 165 port regement from the RE, papers have gone to glasgow so not sure how long it will take.
  7. Welcome to the dark side darbs, give my regards to Mr Nichols.
  8. Welcome aboard Darbs - you going to be on the IOW or somewhere on the mainland?
  9. Will down at marchwood as far as i know.
  10. When I was in my local RLC my SSM suggested my trade to me as he reckoned I would be ok at it. That can happen if your background and civvie job puts you up for a spot that they need filling. If you join an HQ squadron (I did) then there often a variety of trades available whereas if you join a dedicated squadron such as DROPS or Petroleum then they will be more geared towards those roles but they will still have other trades there dependent on need.

    For example my squadron had Drivers, Stores, Chefs, Radio Operators, Armourers under the RLC capbadge, then Clerks under the AGC badge and VMs/VEs under the REME one. We also had a couple of medics under the RAMC hat. Plenty of choice there.
  11. I asked about 165 regiment a while back on the forum....as I was interested in the boats (seaman trade) side of things. How would it work for applications?....like would I apply direct to 165 or do you go through Grantham for applications and/or familiarisation with 165? Only prob is am miles from both!..... (but never mind)


  12. Are you already in the TA Johnny?
  13. No not yet, still trying to find right trade/unit......etc..I like the idea of boats but it would be a long way to go each weekend. Alternatively, quite like the sound of doing comms as an RLC radio Op (which I thinnk is available at my local RLC unit)........ :?

    ........By the way, what is/is there any /difference between joining TA royal sigs as a radio op and joining RLC as a (Driver)/Radio Op in so far as training/role/equipment etc??
    Noticed that some TA sigs have Ptarmigan, others starting to use Bowman? What do RLC radio ops use? Can anyone recommend the trade? (sorry lots of questions on 1 post)

    Thanks for replies (Barrack Room Lawyer)

  14. Thanks BRL.