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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wannabeloggie, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. First Post! Awaiting incoming....

    I have made noises with the local TA unit, and sounds very positive.

    Thanks very much
  2. a Rough location would help berets and trfs are issued and stable belts are no more
  3. Yes i heard about the stable belts

    It was in Petrborough, so 158 R Anglian Transport Regt

    They wear the R Anglian Minden flash as well...
  4. no they dont as it goes where the trf goes just like the pioneers no longer wear there flash, as a comms spec myself i would say pop in and chat with the RSWO although if you dont have a car licence standby to be pushed towards being a chef, if you are a trained soldier they will just issue you with a new berret and just hand your shirts and jackets into the sqms and they will get the right badges put on at least thats how it works with transferees at my unit
  5. Not true. Stable belts are no longer to be worn with CS95, but when in Barrack Dress they are (for those that wear it).
  6. yeah but us stabs dont got barrack dress and are not likley to get it either according to my units QM so for the TA stable belts are no more
  7. I'm interested in transferring to the logistics but I'm a bit worried that I won't fit in because my pockets aren't bulging with other people's valuables and I don't see obesity as a status symbol.

    Thanks very much.
  8. Being a rug muncher also helps.

    PS, its an outrageous slur that we fill our pockets with other peoples valuables, we all use bergans you can fit far more in.
  9. i don't have trained soldier status. at what poitn do you get beret/ TRF etc?

    One of the advantages is trying to get my licences, so i will try not to be pushed
  10. You should be issued with a beret and TRF once you are attested at your TA unit.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You can then proceed to "shape" your beret with a thunderflash and "sew" on your TRF with a 3ft picket and baling twine, just like the rest of the RLC TA.
  12. If this is the case, why is everyone at Tidworth still mincing round wearing them?

    An example of individual units contiuing to wear them as regimental tradition?
  13. Nope. Just ignoring the direction from the Corps dress committee.
  14. Every (Regular) man and his uncle were wearing them at Pirbright this time last year.
  15. Are they thinking of bringing braces into the RLC to help keep up the trousers on some of the more corpulent members of the corps? It doesn't matter what belt some of them are wearing because its buried under an apron of flab.