TA RLC Tank transporter


I have asked several people about this but always get a rather vague answer. was wondering if there are any ta loggie transporter units or even if ta loggies are entitled to do a course in tank transporting??


I am fairly certain the answer is no. The Regular RLC has three Tank Transporter Sqns although 3 Sqn in Catterick may have disbanded by now. The remaining ones are 16 Sqn in Fallingbosel and 19 Sqn in Bulford.

I may be wrong but I think the only way to be a Tank Transporter is to join as a Regular. Some smart-arse will probably tell me that you can join as a sponsored reservist but I think that may require previous experience, presumably as a Regular.


Don't the Wessex Yeomanry act as Armoured Delivery, which I assume would invlolve the above? Can't say for sure tho...
I think it is mostly civi contracted now.


I think it is Civi, there is a company that runs it for the MOD, however you go on TA strength, you get a bounty and your liable for call up as well.

Will try and find the link


Wouldnt that be part of KBR the colonial experts in not delivering anything unless you are a shareholder of Haliburton?
lance jacked is on the money, the company is called ftx logistics, they have the mod contract for 20 years to run and maintain the osh kosh tank transporters, you do a 6 week course + upto 5 weeks a year mil trg.
when not working for the mod you work for an agency called best connections and do civ div driving, it is a salaried job, about 22k a year + upto 50% operational uplift for deploying, you are a sponsered reserve, you get bounty aswell can pass on details if anyone wants them, my ex troop staffie works for them.
Does anyone on here work for FTX Logistics? I was thinking about applying.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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I don't think they'll employ anyone who is off their face on crack!
Sounds like a good policy. Don't see why that would effect my application?

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