TA Review ARRSE battle

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by polar, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. So what happened to chibbler (obviously based on Geordie Fuckwit)?

    Are ARRSE users not happy with the review (whatever it is) conducting cyber/subversive ops on this site?

    Is my works smoking area being bugged, maybe its the one at the TA, its never emptied maybe its fitted with an Army issue bugging device (i.e. out of date, over protected/engineered and delivers a lot less than an off the shelf solution would provide)
  2. and why are Chibbers PMs making sense
  3. Did you just call Geordie Blerk TA?
  4. I got O2'd coz MSR hasn't got a sense of humour.

    And I was winding his mates up, and they couldn't take it.
    And Dale the Snail thinks I'm sexist. (she's right)
    And I sent an abusive PM to MSR.
    And I upset a few STABs (this term has moved on from it's old meaning and now only applies to a certain part of the TA community)

    Don't see the problem really. Bit of a sense of humour failure.
  5. Well you could have fooled me.
  6. A stale dog turd could have fooled you.

    Oh, wait, this is why I got banned.
  7. How long before he pops up in another guise.....

    ...bit like herpes