TA Restructuring

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by benjaminw1, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. So when do we hear?
  2. 16 Feb?

    Pick a date add a week - seems to be changing weekly!
  3. Well, Tyne-Tees is becoming 5RRF.
  4. It was due 15 Oct, then 15 Dec, then this week. Now who knows?

    We know the 14 Inf Bns, that 2 new RE Rgts are being formed etc. We're just waiting on confirmation of Coy locs for the most part.
  5. 5 RRF will be a 3 Coy Bn, with 2x RRF and 1x (Durham) LI Coy.

    The Fusiliers in London are staying Londons, those in Warwickshire to 4 Mercian. 4 Lancs may even lose it's Fusilier Pl entirely....
  6. In the end, it all comes down to "we've made the decision, and will work out how to justify it some time later on".

  7. Whats happening to the LI in the Yorkies? R all going the REng?
  8. No - Fusiliers are to remain. They will retain the hackle and move to OPCOM the Manchester company.
  9. Whats happening to the LI in the Yorkies? R all going the REng?

    East and west riding is to loose the LI element. As far as i understand the LI will have their own batalion. They also gain a company from the Tyne Teas. There is also rumours or Para engineers starting in the yorkshire area
  10. yes we are moving, in a sense anyway, to the Manchester Company.Not sure how that is going to change things for us. we stay as we are one MG platoon and one recruiting/training platoon here at Castle Armoury.

    shame we cant join 5RRF but at least we remain here at Bury when so many of our friends have been recapbadged. cant complain really
  11. rifle volunteers r becoming the 6th rifles changing to pure LI so new drill for most of us we r losing a number of TACS across the south west strangely most of the LI cmpys r the ones to go bit strange that one my cmpy is to be come a assult pioneer so should be fun :D
  12. This does appear to be ahotspot on the new orbat. Last time I looked, the salted peanuts were 46 strong but the rifle pls were being asked to scrape by with about 7 men per section. Given the apparent lack of sp for peanut training in the system, some unofficial reallocation will take place methinks.

    That said, APnrs are a much underrated sp pl and I think you will have fun.
  13. Restructuring details to be issued at the end of the month - through units and other media. Everyone will allegedly get a chance to see it all.
  14. HOllOS wrote
    Welcome to the AP collective, ..... it was only a matter of time squire !!! :D

    Mind you, christ knows how we're supposed to do the 'funny' drill while carrying chainsaws I don't know !!
  15. stickybomb wrote :

    Up until now our AP platoon has spent most of its time filling in as riflemen for the 2 rifle platoons, generally been ****ed about and unable to get decent AP training, hopefully things have turned the corner now. :(