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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by joey_deacons_lad, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. How much training do new recruits get by this i mean trade training for somebody with no experience as a civvy mechanic. I noticed on t,internet that qualifications arent necessary
  2. Not sure but probably everything you need, not sure if they will be civvy qualifications, go pay your local unit a visit, they will be glad to help
  3. I didnt think it would be civvy qualified due to the time constraints on training. But thanks for the reply if any ta reme can help it would be appreciated
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    You'll get training, if you get through to become a trainee VM. But frankly, unless you do it for a living, you aren't going to be very good at it on 2 hours every Tuesday and the occasional weekend. "Hobby mechanics" are usfeul, but don't expect to be let loose on much until you know a bit more!

    If you want a Trade that you can learn in TA timescales, go Recovery Mechanic - it's more fun too :)
  5. We're screaming out for Armr's and Rec'y Mechs, but VM's we prefer to take from trade as Snowy says.

    Rec'y Mechs-if you give the time-you'll get licensed and fammed (trained on the Recovery Eqp't) moderately quickly.

    Armr's-there has always been a shortage of these and tours can more or less be cherry-picked.

    It also depends where you want to serve, if you want to go to an LAD, they have limited scope for trades, whereas the local Wksp Company can and does flex to accommodate most.
  6. Can anyone give me a bit of background on the TA REME unit based in Redhill, Surrey? They are the nearest unit to me, and I intend to go to one of their next recruiting evenings with a view to joining (if I'm good enough,) but it would be very useful to hear your opinions. I've consulted their webpage and am looking forward to meeting them.
  7. They’re a recovery company.
    Their primary trade is Recovery Mechanic but there are other trades needed there if that doesn’t flick your switch.

    They’re a good bunch and I’d highly recommend them if you want to join REME.

    Don’t wait for their next “recruiting evening”, turn up on their next drill night (Tuesday) and I’m sure they’ll be more than pleased to speak to you.

    PM me for further details.
  8. Well said Goku but don't agree with your other remarks wrt REME girls though on another thread.
  9. You really shouldn’t take my posts so seriously, that was meant as a bit of a friendly jest.

    Nevermind, it’s only the internet :D
  10. I was looking at 101v regt based in wrexham the reccy mechs are a bit far out for a non driver which is why i left my first unit after they moved. But im debating wether to get back in and fancy something different
  11. Don’t let a lack of license put you off.
    If your unit requires you to be able to drive (and REME will) then they will get you on a driving course PDQ.
  12. Il have to give them a buzz on a drill night for some reason i miss getting fecked about on my weekends i have a missus but it just isnt the same :D
  13. Thanks for the advice Goku, I'll go and meet them.