TA REME enlistment issue, advice/help reqd

the basic story........................

i'm a 40yr old brit born, lived most of my life in New Zealand, have spent 9 1/2 years in the NZ TA, both INF and RNZEME (armourer) between '81 and '95.

18 months ago having got myself setteled in the north/west UK after touring around for a while, i tried to join a local REME TA unit (33rd Sig LAD)
i passed the checks and was offered the armourers slot that was available, but then i failed the medical on the hearing test, it seems my tinnitus was worse than i thought, i just missed out on my upper hearing levels, the blokes on the LAD suggested i go take a private hearing test to confirm my hearing was within 'normal limits' so i could continue my enlistment (i think they were hinting for me to get a mate to sit the test for me), but then my life fell apart for a while,(yes,she and i split) and i never got around to getting back in touch with them.

now i'm setteled again,I find myself still wanting another stab (weak pun) in the TA.

i'm a very young at heart 40 yrs old, i dont look or act like it. and i gotta say i'm missing the part time army after 10 years, theres nothing i would like better than a few years more in the Brit REME.

i am a tool and die maker by civvie trade, with adv trade cert, and i'v spent most of my life in NZ in the gun trade as a gunsmith, fixing, customising, re-barreling and the manufacture and fitting of sound suppressors of my own designs, on hunting and military rifles, and pistols.

if any reader knows of anyone in the REME with whom i can discuss a possible enlistment, and/or a way in with my slightly buzzy ears i would greatly appreciate it.

in fact i would get you quite drunk.

below is a sample of my work fitted to a AK (chinese type 56 AKM clone, semi-auto only)

and a finished and an unfinished marlin .45 camp carbine.

appols my shite spellin and grammer, i'm a crafty, not an officer................... end of story.

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