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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Jul 2, 2004.

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  1. Are the TA Regulations 1978 and amendments available online?

    Or would knowing what the rules actually are place too much power in the hands of the People?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I don't think that they are. You can however purchase a copy from HMSO.

  3. You are a complete legend and will therefore be spared doom when my Evil Plan comes to fruition! :D

    I just ordered it. Twenty-five of your English "pounds" - a small price to pay to tip the balance of power (STAB v PSAO) in my favour! Muahahahahahahaha!

    You can be my new No. 2, if you like. The old one is getting on my teats.
  4. Just noticed that site lists some of the queens regs amendments (ie 26) as being £0.00, this could call for a mass order.

    Where can we get hold of these anyway? It would be nice to see the standard regulations we are expected to follow (other than in Part 1 and 2) and I can probably then be dead clever.
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Fockin 'ell. Epic, classic, spot-on post from msr, back in the Day:

    Should they ever make a movie of my life, msr, you can play the role of Dr Evil. I mean that quite sincerely.

    Ah, 14 May 2003. It was thenabouts that I left Chilwell on the way home from mobilisation and took my first unsteady steps back from a military world in which I was treated like an adult to one where I am given less standing than Mini-Me unless I fight tooth and nail.
  7. The Queen’s Regs are on www.army.mod.uk under serving soldier, terms of service, discipline and military law, reference library.


    It's title is Amendment No. 26, and it includes past events from 2000 so is fairly current. I'd like to believe it's bang up-to-date as it's on the official site.

    Last week you could buy it for £18 exc. p+p on www.tso.co.uk ISBN = 0117726915. £0.00 sounds more like it though! I'm now off to see if I can pursuade them to sell me a copy at this price.
  8. Oh ... my ... God!

    THE POWER :twisted:

    I now have in my hand a fat wodge of paper known as the TA Regulations. The tables have turned, dear PSAO.

  9. TCN



    Funny dont you think...

    Two individuals...

    Same situation...

    Two completely different versions of the TA regulations..

    One PASO....

  10. It is not just the army though TCN where this happens...

    It can happen in any form of work place. If your face fits the hole, youhave one set of rules/regualtions that adminster you.

    If however your face does not fit the hole, then another more demanding, infuriating set of rules and regualtions will apply.

    Such is life.