TA Regulations 1978 PDF?

Hi guys
Good old army net! (NOT!) Looking on the site and clicking on the usual number of broken links, I was trying to get hold of a downloadable copy of the the TA regs 1978. Did I find a link to the aforementioned information crucial to me as a soldier I hear you ask? Yes! Did it work? Did it B*ll*cks! :x

I've done a google search but to no avail, does anyone have a copy they can email me or know of a link that actually works? I have emailed ArmyNet in the meantime.


Log on to armynet

Search for "TA regulations" and click on the first link it returns :roll:

:oops: D'oh! That'll teach me to try and be clever by putting in the full name including dates. Thanks MSR! :D

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