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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Bitgood, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Firstly, sorry if this should have been posted in the TA section or has been discussed elsewhere - I did search and couldn't find anything.

    I would like to join the army as an officer but am 27 years old and received a letter explaining that my application would be halted because the likelihood of me being accepted to start the commissioning course before my reaching the upper age limit is almost non existent.

    I would still like to join but am now considering the TA as a more likely (only) option.

    My question is:
    If I progress to become an officer in the TA can I then "transfer" to being a regular officer even though by that time I would be over the age limit? As you know, the TA age limit for becoming an officer is more flexible and set at 30+ for most branches. Indeed, is it common for TA soldiers or officers to become regulars?

    I hope that my question/s are clear. Thanks in advance!
  2. TA officers can transfer to being regular Officers, however it's normal for them to have to attend the full commissioning course at Sandhurst like any other entrant, so check with an AFCO but I imagine the same age limits apply when moving over to regular service.

    This applied even to guys I knew who'd done a long period of full time reserve service as troop commanders.
  3. My understanding is you cannot circumvent the age rules by going in through the reserve route and hoping to transfer over. However I am not 100% on that.

    Is the problem that you were unlikely to reach Sandhurst as a Regular entrant before the age of 29? I presume the limited number of options open for those over 26 is offputting enough?
  4. Given that they are moving towards 26 being the maximum age for any entrant regardless of capbadge, I imagine that's why the OP is being told that regular officer is no longer an option.
  5. Yes that is what I have heard too.
  6. Whilst about 10 years ago, a few TA officers would routinely be allowed to simply transfer from TA to regular (without having to do the commissioning course), this was always done by exception and the practice ceased nearly 10 years ago to my knowledge. The reasons for the change in policy should be obvious (the commissioning course is 44 weeks for a reason!)

    Assuming you are able to join the TA as an officer, the nearest to regular service you could hope to achieve is Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS). Under FTRS you are attached to the regular army for a limited period of time (2 years is probably typical) and for all intensive purposes you are treated like a regular officer (in most respects) throughout that time; however after that time you revert back to being a part timer. Ultimately, being a TA officer will never be quite the same as being a regular one, but the TA may well offer you the opportunity to do some of the things you wanted to do as a regular, either part time or through periods of FTRS.
  7. Brave-Coward: They can still get through the net - One of my friends has just transferred (well, late last year) from TA to Regular, on a 8-year SSC, without having to do the 44 weeks at RMAS.
  8. Can I ask - what happens if you're FTRS junior officer and you go on operations? What do you do while you're out there? Just jobs specific to your capbadge or is it a case of taking command of something?
  9. Timble, I stand corrected. I thought that they had stamped down on this pretty hard, but I guess there remain a very few exceptions. I assume that he/she is in what might be termed a pinch point vocation as I cannot see the purpose of bringing a TA officer across when (by and large) we have plenty of regular officers already in the army.

    Very much depends on the individual and also what jobs need filling. If a TA infantry officer on FTRS deploys as part of a regular BG, he is unlikely to dislodge one of the regular platoon commanders (why would you replace an officer with over a year of continuous initial training plus MST with one who has done a total of a few months of initial, broken up over a couple of years followed by MST?) Most TA officers seem to be employed somewhat out of role on operations, influence and CIMIC always used to be popular options and likewise watchkeeping, etc.

  10. We had TA officers including Special Forces reserve and guys who'd done 2 years FTRS and others who had been on Herrick as TA Subbies and they all came on the commissioning course. Your friend must have either been exceptional or had some bloody good contacts.
  11. I am sure that this has been covered ad nauseum in previous threads. If the Regulars have knocked you back, join the TA, go through the commissioning process and then volunteer for a tour. Many others have flip-flopped over to the Regular Army, but without the evidence of performance on operations, I would imagine this is harder. However, let's not get ahead of ourselves and assume that you will both be accepted by the TA and get through the commissioning process. It is probably best to get those out of the way first.
  12. Thanks for this. Yes there is a limited availability of roles once over the age of 26. Due to apparent increases in officer applications there is a waiting list that would likely prohibit me in terms of time (I will be 28 April 2013).

    On a slightly separate note: I have seen some comments from people saying that if a person has a degree then they should enter as an officer. I have a degree and masters but I am not adverse to applying to join the TA as a solider especially considering the comments on this thread about the limited role a TA officer would probably potentially have on ops.
    I would not be joining for the money, perhaps all this is for a different area of the forum.
  13. Really interesting, thanks.
  14. I would think securing a place before January 2014 at Sandhurst is possible. However the roles available are limited and those that are available are increasingly difficult to secure. It is worth exploring (what is lost by trying?).

    Does regular soldier not appeal?
  15. Switchback: Not exceptional, but had a fair amount of time served & 3-4 tours. I think it was a case of we had a space, she was perfectly suited & had completed all the requisite courses (less the full CC).

    Saying that, she's in a better position than my brother - he switched from being a Crab to the Army!
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